The Princess’s Car

The Princess is so excited – she has bought her first car!   It is a Protea – which are built in Malaysia. It has only had one owner and they have kept meticulous records of services & repairs.  The only work she had to do was replace the two worn back tyres.   So a first job and a first car in one month  – way to go Princess! 

Here it is sitting on the street in Sydney.   Mosaic courtesy of  Mozaiq  which I got from gcgirl who got it from Connie who got it from Kalimantan  ………..

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15 responses

  1. If I squint
    I can make it out better but its good to know she is getting her life in good
    condition car for cursing and a job to pay for the gas in it! When is she
    naming it! Fred is a good stand up name or bob spell it forward or backward it’s
    the same!

  2. Yes … the image of the car is sort of vague. LOL the names – I will have to ask her. All my father's cars seemed to be called "bitch" LOL – as in bitch of a thing.

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