I’m torn ….

Well,  there is nothing second grade about me!!  Got the results of the MRI today -  I have a "high grade"  tear  in the tendon of my foot.

It is nearly 2 inches long and the doctor said that I must have a high pain threshold because most people would not be able to go up and down on the injured foot without a big "ouch".   I have consistently described this as "niggling" so I guess no one really took me all that seriously – and in fact, I had not taken it all that seriously myself – it was only that it has been "niggling" for 18 months that I thought I should follow up.

So now I am in a hard cast for 6 weeks!   And I was going to start back on the step machine this weekend – honest!!!

I don't think that the doctor is terribly optimistic that this is going to repair on its own but it is what they "have" to attempt first. After the hard cast I will have one of those funky walking boot casts for another 6 weeks.

Guess it is going to be a while before the step machine is fired up!!  πŸ™‚

Current difficulties -  managing the stairs!!   Hobbling is very tiring!!

Upcoming difficulties – how the hell am I going to get to and from work!!

These days you get choices in what colour your cast is – the purple, bright blue and pink seemed to scream 'pity me'  so I chose black.  Obviously I am going to have to paint my nails before Monday! 

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  1. Oh no, Emjay! This sucks! However I love the logic here:

    purple, bright blue and pink seemed to scream 'pity me' so I chose black.
    Black implies mourning or glamour. πŸ˜‰
    I'd need a colour that screamed I am terrilby put out wearing this *$#+% cast on my foot!
    Do you have any recall of "how" you injured yourself? (If you explained before and can easily link me that's good.)

  2. No I didn't write about the injury – the first time I mentioned it was when I had to have the MRI. What I did is sort of embarrassing …… we used to live nearly a mile's walk from the metro station and one day I wore newish boots (instead of my joggers for the walk and carting shoes like I usually did) and by the end of the day I was getting blisters on one side so I sort of twisted my foot inside the boot to take the pressure off …. I don't think you could do this in shoes as your would just go over but the boot sort of trapped the ankle at the weird angle. And by the time I got home it was twisted – but the blisters weren't any worse – LOL! It then just never got better…..

  3. Oh – I so wish!!!! My husband, the astro-dweeb, is working in Hawaii for the next 10 days! It does mean that I can be a slob without guilt though! πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe I could do different colour on each nail…….. perhaps I should hobble out to the nail place on the corner and get highly decorated acrylic ones!

  5. Well this
    is not in the good news category unless you were looking for an excuse to get a
    pedicure! (Hope I spelled that right) anyway a high threshold to pain isn’t a
    good thing you tend to ignore little aces and pains until you find out there
    not so little!

    Some times
    when they put one into a cast it is twice as hard and takes more energy to get

    I hope you
    are a quick healer too to go with that high pain threshold take it easy if you

  6. Thank you so much for the hugs! It is going to be a long uncomfortable thing I think – we are in a mini heatwave – not a fun time to have a cast on!

  7. LOL @ excuse for a pedicure!! Yes – all this hobbling is indeed very exhausting – almost as tough as the step machine – though I am going to end up with one calf more developed than the other and a crippled hip!

  8. OOOOOOO!!!! (((((Emjay))))))Poor Foot! Poor You! I'm sorry that it turned out to be something so substantial but I'm really glad you're tending to it – you know?Yipes. getting around will be a challenge for a while…you'll make adjustments, though, very soon….Basic black — good choice. You can dress it up for evening……(((morehugs)))

  9. LOL my sexy toes!!! Actually, I always considered that I had quite nice looking feet (as feet go) – lately I have felt that they are starting to let me down and might in fact, be my Achilles heel (ha ha) as I get older. A case of something being pretty but not very functional!

  10. Yeah – scary isn't it! I have discovered the same thing on other's blogs – where there is an advert for something related to the blog subject. Oh – you know, the Sydney Morning Herald site has also just started doing that in the last few months and guess what? They are AMERICAN ads!! It is sort of unreal to be reading an Australian story on an Australian website and find an American ad inserted!

  11. LOL @ Dressing up for the evening! At the moment I am lying in bed with my laptop wondering how I am going to shower with this thing! Thanks for the hugs!

  12. Oh, poor you! This is what I have been afraid to hear, a no good result of MRI.
    Six weeks plus six weeks may seem to be a loooong time from where you are now. But I learned through my injury that three months before me seemed too long but when I turn back over them now, I do not feel it very long.Unless my injury I could not have seen so many nice new people in the rehabilitation quarter who enrich my life . Now I thank my injury for another reason that it taught me the timing of slowing down my life.
    May you get well earlier.

  13. Yes -that's a problem — if you put it in a trash bag, you risk slipping on the trash bag….I know a guy who did that– he put the entire leg in a big plastic trash bag and tied it all up nice and water-safe, climbed into the shower and the plasitc bag in the water got slippery….gah.Planning ahead of time is very wise. I know you'll figure something out…..

  14. Thank you Magnifika. Yes, in the grand scheme of life years 3 months is not long – at the moment it seems that it is doing to be such a drag though! I think I am going to have plenty of time to meet new Vox people!

  15. ha– I know –it's one of those sad/funny images….eventually he decided to put a chair in the shower and let the foot stick out of the curtain, to keep it dry — the leg (cast) was rolled up in a plastic bag. Then he did spot cleaning on the foot. He managed like that for 2 months…..

  16. Mmmm – she says, imagining putting the astro-dweeb's grandparent's chairs in the shower stall …. !!! At this stage regretting not buying plastic outdoor chairs!

  17. I just hobbled outside to check my plants – it is 95 degrees and humid as humid can be – within minutes my leg was itching – I will hobble back out to water plants/garden when the sun goes down!

  18. Oh the worst. It is 91 and humid here. thank heaven I do not have to go anywhere. Went out on porch and pinched dead flowers. Feel like a kid I am so excited for the first purple petunia. (((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))) You are going to need a long stick to scratch inside. When my 85 year old mother broke her arm last year she got Bright Pink. lol

  19. Oh, Emjay! Six weeks! 12 weeks! I'm glad you'll be healing, but, wow, that's a huge impact on daily living.
    I'm not sure if it would help with your work transportation needs, but Metro has a paratransit service for people who can't ride the rail and fixed route bus (called Metro Access) and there is probably a temporary status you could qualify for. That said, I've heard it's not the most reliable service, but might be worth checking into.
    I like the black cast – very hipster!

  20. Hey – what about the second 6 weeks? LOL!! I suppose at least the second 6 weeks will be in one of those walking things you can take off at night and for showers. Yep – just a "niggling" – but I did keep telling people that it was "sort of" hurting. When I was a kid no-one ever believed when I was sick because I never really "looked" sick (whatever sick looks like).

  21. Yep – a huge impact! Certainly shows me the disadvantage of having a 2 storey row house! :-). Thank you so much for the suggestion. I went to the web site but they are not very forthcoming on the eligibility qualifications. They sort of make it sound that wheelchairs and oxygen tanks are pre-qualifications -LOL. I think I will still complete the application – you have to attach a medical statement about your incapacity and then Metro gets you to go for an assessment with them – and see what happens.

  22. Same thing happened to me because tendon was broken. But hope that will be better after that. It is the time for the consolidation even if it is long and difficult to do normal thing like going upstairs. Courage, courage Emjay, le meilleur est Γ  venir !

  23. I was just trying to get you through the first six weeks first! It doesn't sound like 3 months if it is 2 sets of six ;-)I am really glad you aren't in the kind of pain you should be gf. I guess it is a good thing in a way. I hope you heal quickly, and adjust to that dang black thing fast too. (((hugs))))

  24. Ouch!!! Poor you. At least now, it will be able to heal and mend. Beware that it may be permanantly weak though – I did the same thing in my calf once and it's never been the same since.
    Take care and rest a lot

  25. Yes and I was reading that healing torn tendons by immobilization tends to have a higher recurrence than those repaired by surgery! I hope this works though so that I don't have to have surgery. I would hate to do all these casts for 3 months and then still have to have surgery and go through more casts! !

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