Shirts for talks …


The astro-dweeb will be giving a talk in Hawaii in a few days time so I was going through packing options with him.

Me:   Do you have one of those collared shirts – the green or the blue?

Him:  Um, you know, I was thinking that as this is in Hawaii, I might buy a Hawaiian shirt.

Me:   Yuck!

Him:   Not a normal Hawaiian shirt – a high end Hawaiian shirt!

Surely  there is no such thing as a "high end"  Hawaiian shirt!!!




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  1. I will admit that in the past I wore really loud shirts… not really cos I liked them… but cos they annoyed a few people I know… thats what they are for.. if you want to be taken seriously… wear a proper shirt not a comedy item made from 70's curtains lol

  2. had to click and see what people were saying about this. "high end hawaiian shirts" – makes me laugh.
    Now if he could find a retro hawaiian shirt. That would be pretty cool. Elvis like.
    google elvis blue hawaiian….

  3. He just wants to fit in Emmy! Both DH and I have clothes we wear only to the islands. When we are there, we look normal. If we wore them around here, we'd look retarded. :)) Tommy Bahama makes some really nice island shirts!

  4. LOL @ looking retarded! Are you sure you're not worried about looking like an "american tourist"? πŸ™‚ For years in Sydney the only Americans we saw were in Hawaiian shirts with cameras around their necks!

  5. Well you stick out like a sore thumb if you don't dress like the locals! I'm a widow this weekend. Watched DH pack last night. Didn't help him though, he's a machine when he's packing. πŸ˜›

  6. Is not the
    β€œHIGH END” Hawaiian shirts the one poor people wouldn’t wear!

    And are
    they not warn by frat boys and heavy partiers so you can’t tell if they thrown
    up the night before!? Well were ever he goes they sell clothing and as a man
    some times we are own worst enemy when it comes to fashion!

  7. samck some sense into him, and smack it hard….nothing ages an man faster than wearing one of those shirts….does he know how we laugh at them here in Australia? Says old American tourist all over…. stop him, steal his credit cards if you have to. It is your wifely duty.

  8. LOL …… fashionable vs A fashion (not necessarily a good one!). IF one comes home I will photograph it…… he might be too scared to produce it! πŸ™‚

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