Tomato goes wild….

On May 1st we bought a scraggly little tomato seedling from Home Depot for about $2.   It was on the clearance table – you know the one where they put all the half dead plants at bargain price no guarantee they survive the trip home.

Anyway …  this is that plant now….    Photo taken from the steps of our deck:

Two ripened enough to eat about a week ago (delicious) and there are 21 green tomatoes waiting to ripen:

And .. there are many, many more little flowers turning into baby tomatoes……    I think I am going to need some good relish recipes!!  


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  1. no I've got the original – it all loose pages and yellow. There are still CWA's around though so I guess there are new books. Will dig it out.

  2. You did a fantastic job at giving that scraggly tomato plant new life – and it has been well worth that little $2 you gave for it! Nothing beats tomatoes ripened on the vine out in the sun!

  3. Thank you! I love a tomato straight from the plant with still a hint of warmth from sun. The basil is growing right next to it to complement the taste experience!

  4. Did you know you can also eat those yellow flowers? You stuff them with rice and some other flavouring, like minced meat, spices, etc, twist them so they stay closed, and bake them in the overn. They are delicious. Tomotoes grow prolifically, it's true. I get loads of them every summer from my neighbour. (Sadly, my husband hates tomatoes, so it's just me who eats them)

  5. Really? Thank you – they seem awfully small to be filling with mince. I might try it with some seasoned rice though. I am just inside from inspecting the bush (a nightly activity) and I notice that it has spread through the fence post into our neighbour's yard – she is probably going to enjoy a few too! 🙂

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