Friday night is ……..

Tonight is pizza night …  every Friday night we have pizza.

Every Friday we call the same place at exactly 6.15pm

Every Friday we order the exact same two pizzas.

Every Friday we have to repeat our address at least 10 times  – seriously!

Every Friday we wonder if the pizzas are going to turn up.

Every Friday they do: 

Mine is Eggplant, Red Peppers, goat cheese, prosciutto, oregano, parsley, red onions, pine nuts & parmesan.
The astro-dweeb has pepperoni, onion & mushroom but then adds coarsely chopped pepper from our garden:

Tonight I paired mine with Yalumba Sangiovese Rose:

The astro-dweeb prefers a fuller bodied Californian Zinfandel :   

In our opinion; a great way to end the working week and start the weekend!!!

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27 responses

  1. Oh, I love a good pizza. But I confess to being a heathen and always doing my delivery orders with Papa John's. I can do it on the computer which means I don't have to repeat myself to someone who may or may not understand me. BTW, your pizza looks way better!

  2. LOL! I always have the better choices when it comes to food selection! πŸ™‚ I am sort of fussy about pizza – haven't found a Papa John/Pizza Hut/Pizza Bolis etc pizza that I like. It would be wonderful to order online though – I am seriously considering learning how to say our address in Spanish as I think that might help!

  3. Before we call we laugh about whether they will get it "this time" … and then they never do! We used to have sushi every Friday night (when we lived on the "other" side of the park) and they basically knew our whole order off by heart. We keep saying that eventually they must start to remember us but it has been 8 months now ……

  4. Fish & Chips is always on my list of must-haves when I go home to Australia. There is nothing better than fish & chips wrapped in newspaper and eaten on the beach!

  5. Hehe. You are a pizza "snob," Emjay–so am I!
    I became one when I had my first truly great pizza–deep dish Chicago-style.
    If you lived in California no one would give you a hard time about your eggplant- red peppers- goat cheese- prosciutto- oregano- parsley- red onions- pine nuts- Parmesan pizza. πŸ˜‰ That's where I first found that there was more than three flavours of pizza! πŸ˜€

  6. We could form the 'za snob club…… You are so right about California – like Sydney!! I used to go to a place in Sydney owned by an Italian guy who built his own brick oven – he was always experimenting with different things as toppings – a favourite was marinated chilli squid!

  7. LOL – that's wonderful!!!! I had a different Sangiovese tonight – Conti Contini 2005 (100% sangiovese) – I think it will be my new favourite. And, it has a screw top lid so I don't have to drink the whole bottle in one sitting – LOL!

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