My left foot …


I went back to the specialist about my left foot tendonitis the other day.

He asked:   "Are you a runner?"

Laughing, I replied  "Do I look like I run?"

Perhaps realising the folly of his question he did not respond nor pursue that line of questioning which might have involved other questions about exercise!

This afternoon I have to have an MRI to see if the tendon is torn – I have had this niggling thing for 18 months;  I wore a brace for 6 weeks last July/August and had a cortisone shot in September.  It is time for further investigation.

When I rang to make the appointment the woman asked two questions:  "How much do you weigh?"  and  "Are you claustrophobic" .

Can't they just stick my legs in the tube?


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  1. Gosh…I can sort of sympathize here. I've been dealing with lower back, leg and hip issues since January! Finally, I think a physical therapist has figured out the problem. But, it's taken a lot of quacks and money to get this all squared away. Not to mention my sanity from the constant pain and restless nights.
    Good luck! I hope you won't need surgery 😦

  2. I broke my tendon 5 years ago. It is not a great souvenir ! I stayed at home for 15 days. Then went working walking only on one leg with the obligation to leave the broken tendon free of any charge. It was difficult to move and to climb upstair. Duration of consolidation took 2 month and they I had an heavy reeducation. Finally 4 months after I was recuperating. Now the tendon broken is larger but with the exercice I continue to do every week end it is quite flexible as before.

  3. Ouch — on all fronts. Best wishes for less pain, more healing very soon.
    I had chronic achilles tendinitis in my youth and now in my middle age am living with an impinged rotator cuff (or something like that – there were Latin words involved in the actual diagnosis) as well as something up with a hamstring attachment that I've never had diagnosed.

  4. Let's hope it is nothing bad.

    A friend of mine was told to practice lying for the MRI by lying under a coffee table and working out whether that freaked her out…

  5. Some times
    life is but a comedy of errors! Some people would have been offended for what
    was said to them, but it is more fun to have fun with it.

    Good luck
    with the MRI and I hope you find out what is wrong and that it can be taken
    care of easily….

  6. Oh – you were sooooo right about the noise!! Who would've thought – the movies never have them making noise!!! They gave me headphones and a radio station but the volumne wasn't loud enough to get over the machine noise.

  7. It will be a couple of days before my doctor gets "the" report and I don't see him until the end of next week. Hopefully no surgery!! It would be nice to have a quick fix to these sorts of problems but I think that only applies to the young!!

  8. Thanks! It did go smoothly – and even better, I did not have to go fully into the tube – they only put my legs in. Lying there looking at my legs inside I could see how small the interior of the tube is and I hope I don't ever have to have my whole body in one! Now I just wait for the results…….

  9. Oh – that sounds awful! It must have been very painful and inconvenient. And such a long time to heal! I'm glad that it healed to be just as flexible as before.

  10. Ouch to all your hurting bits! I have a friend with the rotator cuff "thing" and sometimes she can not even brush her hair. I am prepared to put up with some niggling aches but I don't want to end up not being able to walk (heaven forbid, we would have to buy a car!!).

  11. LOL – what a great idea. Now that I have seen the tube it IS really confined. They only put my legs in so I was relieved about that. A woman at work told me today that when she had one done she got so freaked out that they had to sedate her!

  12. I think having it in your fingers/hands must be worse than feet. We can almost get through life without using our feet (much) but I would hate to do without the use of my hands! Actually, on second thoughts I don't want to lose the nimble function of either hands or feet!!

  13. Thanks & LOL! Although in my dreams I might look like an athlete, in real life there is no such misconception so it was a strange question to ask me – unless he thought I had just taken it up (highly unlikely at my age!!). I will know in a week if it can be taken care of easily.

  14. I feel sorry for you.
    Here is my article about a new MRI apparatus: I hope it will be a little help for claustrophobic people.
    miscellaneous things 日常のあれこれ: 腱板断裂
    I hope you get bette soonr.

  15. Thank you for that link! I would've loved to have heard Diana Krall through the headphones! Instead I was trapped for 35 minutes listening to a "dry" radio station talking about politics. To be fair to the technician he did ask if I had a favourite radio station I would like to listen to but I too hastily said "no, this is fine" …..Hope your rotator cuff is healing?

  16. After 18 months already of this, I had trouble getting my insurance company to agree to the MRI!! The doctor had to really fight them to get an authorisation. I hear horror stories all the time about insurance companies and their denials etc but this is the first experience I have had of it and it was really frustrating!

  17. Under such a circumstance, who can make a right prompt ordinary choice ? I would like to recommend them that they make a sheet of program menu so that a patient can have time to choose beforehand, or they allow him or her to bring each one's favorite CD to be played during MRI.
    That will make us feel a little better than "a fish on a cooking board " (A Japanese saying to express the situation under no freedom to choose how to be cooked)
    Thank you for asking about my rotator cuff. It is getting better week by week.
    Please take care of your tendon, too.

  18. Awww, I'm sorry this is plaguing you..I hope it gets sorted out soon. MRIs– had one — for my back — noisy — yes; other than that, no big deal. If it hadn't been so loud, I'd've gone to sleep. l

  19. As I had it done at 5pm after work I sort of assumed I would just go to sleep! No way with all that clanking and whining! I get the results this Friday so will then know how much longer I have to put up with it…….

  20. OUCH! That sounds sore Hon. You must've looked sporty 😉
    I know how you feel – I ruptured a ligament in my leg a few years back – hurt like heck. Had laser therapy from my osteopath (the doctors and health service here are rubbish with sporting injuries) and it's been fine since.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take Arnica to speed the healing process.

  21. Laser therapy? That sounds interesting. I have such a crappy insurance company here that I doubt they will approve anything that sounds interesting (advanced!). 🙂 I will look for some Arnica.

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