July 4 – Boy with fireworks ….


I kept waiting for this kid to set himself on fire – I'm pretty sure these canisters are supposed to be placed on the ground to be lit ….

Taken with hand held camera from my deck.

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7 responses

  1. This is the time of the year when all Americans celebrate being Americans- and many others celebrate not being Americans! you got to love how fire works and sparklers make it look like something bad's going to happen, to the Americans happy 4th of July

  2. There are certain types of fireworks banned here in DC but that doesn't stop people getting & using them. This kid is about 12 and didn't have any adult supervision (or anything responsible that we could see). He was lighting a few of these on the ground as they should be but then obviously got bored and decided to whirl a couple around. Just plain silly! (I'm sort of glad he didn't light up, the photos might have been too graphic to post!).

  3. PBS had a special on about Fireworks….and there's this guy in CA who glues sparklers and stuff like that onto a suit that he wears…and lights em up!Ahhh I'd say a bit dangerous

  4. I'm betting that suit has some fire retardant "stuff" on it. Even so I hold too much respect for fire's potential to do anything like that. I guess his mother never told him not to play with matches!

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