How …?


How do stilt walkers get up on their stilts?

This guy was actually dancing!  Now that must take some talent!

It was amazing how quickly they were walking  – is "stilting" a word?

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  1. and maybe they climb in 2nd floor windows…no, of course not…well, I'm sure they wouldn't try…would they? You mean they could? Could you imagine the police report…possible B&E, approximately 12 feet tall, purple feathers… 🙂

  2. Great photos here and in your previous posts!
    I had stilts but nothing like those. I would think they need some type of platform to get on them?
    Yikes! That's very high!

  3. all I can picture is a bunch of guys looking down woman's tops, but I bet its a great way to see where everything is with no tall people to block your view

  4. Mmmm…. so you mean the stilts themselves have rungs? I have never seen a stilt without the person & "clothing" – except for those ones we had as kids which were not much taller than some high heeled shoes!

  5. I hope you do get to see the parade & festival one day – there were no "unpleasant" instances associated with it – it was just all good mood & fun.

  6. Thanks – I took so many photos it was hard to decide which ones to put on – but these were the only stilt ones! I somehow managed only to get the sides & backs of them! LOL…… actually, the police were stopping anyone from the crowd getting infront of them as a safety thing. Imagine one of them toppling over because someone got under their feet!!

  7. We used to make stilts when I was a kid – out of golden syrup tins (like molasses) – they were probably only 4 or 5 inches high but that felt way up there to me!

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