Caribbean Carnival


The annual DC Caribbean Carnival was held on Saturday and as we live only a few houses from the parade route we went to watch.   The carnival is a popular event celebrating the island cultures and featuring a parade of floats representing the islands.  Mixed among the floats were Steel bands playing festive music and people performing traditional dances, wearing cultural garments and proudly displaying their nation's flags:  Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago. Haiti and Puerto Rico were also represented.

It  was sticky-hot standing on the side of the road – it was in the 90's -  the performers in their magnificent costumes must have been unbelievably hot!  

This guy came right up in front of me and posed – complete with lolly pop!   

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  1. Thank you. The costumes were amazing. I took so many photographs I think I am going to be posting on the parade for days! It took 3 hours to go past our spot – but we were so close to home we would pop back into the air conditioning and have a drink and then go back out again!

  2. I know they
    are lovely or greatly fantastic looking costumes, but just think if we had to
    were these costumes in our everyday lives wouldn’t that make life more
    interesting. Think of how much more fun grocery shopping would be side walks
    would have to be made bigger as well as doorways! Some times I wonder about the
    thoughts that run in my brain, looks like it was an enjoyable time except for
    the heat!

  3. Yeah – it was pretty spectacular. I couldn't get a clear shot of the front of it so had to make do with the back – but I was pleased with how the photo came out.

  4. LOL! Yes your mind does take some interesting directions – but your comments are always enjoyable to read! If we had to wear these fashions everyday we would never be able to enjoy a night in a restaurant or at the movies – I don't think they are made for sitting down!

  5. Wow these are gorgeous shots, you captured the color so well! Is this DC's version of the Mummers Parade in Philly? Sure looks like it! The Mummers march on New Years Day (if my memory is working correctly), after drinking all night without a break.

  6. I had to Google the Mummers Parade…. that looks fantastic and has a really long and interesting history! I think the drinking all night is the same though as the Caribbean carnival starts with the parade on Saturday and continues all day Sunday! 🙂

  7. Great pics, action type challenges and you captured all the colors…except for the color of the lollypop, but you're a friend and I'll cut you some slack. Good pictures, my friend! 🙂

  8. Thanks, Yeah – that lollypop was annoying! I would've loved to have asked him to take it out but his hands were tied up in those wings – I suspect someone put it in his mouth for him. If I had photoshop I might be able to "hide" it.

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