Now I’m free; Now I’m not!


God hates me!

Just as I was getting ready to break out the champagne & chocolate  "their"  flight got cancelled!!!  

I am being punished for those mean thoughts!    I'm getting a "bonus" day!

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  1. oh goodness that sucks. hope everyone arrives safely. good weather vibes on the way. We are soaked. 5 inches in just a few hours. A bridge near hear collapsed. No one hurt. alot of people flooded out. ugh

  2. So sad people are losing everything. Then mud and mold. yuck. No deaths thank goodness. Worst I have seen. I think worse than 93. Hope everyone near you are making it out safely.

  3. One of the good things about my first marriage was my in-laws lievd close so they couldn't come over and stay in my house. Maybe that was the only good thing about my first
    When i consided getting amrried again I said it would be to someone that had partents living in a great place to visit or no parents. Hubby's parents had passed so no in-law issues there. He has one no so favorite son but that is another story.
    Good luck and I hope they leave soon.

  4. LOL! That is a great idea. A girl at work said that she has heard so many terrible in-law stories that she intends to fully vet any potential husband by whether she thinks she could stand his parents!

  5. I'm glad no-one was hurt in the bridge collapse. The weather has been terrible for a lot of people. It looks as though my in-laws will be able to get home today.

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