I am imagining digging holes, 6 feet deep, in my little backyard.

One more big sleep and one more full day of "them".

I am going to need therapy!

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  1. Plant tomatoes on top of the graves. Then invite the rest of the outlaws, (extended family) for spaghetti dinner after the harvest. Then bury them also. (I saw a movie about this once lololol)

  2. Probably a good recipe book for drinks and twice through it
    should help. Some times imagining doing harm to them is probably the best
    therapy, hell whatever makes you feel better, but the problem arises are you
    the type of person who can just wipe a bad experience out of your mind, or are
    you one of these people who dwell on things and re-run conversations and bad
    experiences in your head over and over again!

    If you are the one you will be just fine but if you are the
    other your doomed, now isn’t that a happy thought!

  3. Poor you! You deserve three hot baths, three glasses of expensive wine, three months of doing nothing and at least three triple-layer chocolate cakes. Dear me! God bless you and I hope it's all over for a long long time.

  4. Haven't seen this – I will have to look for it. We have a really nice tomato bush with 6 ripening tomatoes on it – wouldn't want to disturb it – I might have to move a couple of the roses.

  5. Those things all sound soooo good!! MIL happily announced the other night that they have had such a good time here that they intend coming back 3 times a year! When they walked back in tonight after the cancelled flight I told them that this counted as their second trip already!! LOL.

  6. LOL! My mother is wonderful & we both enjoy visiting her, but my father can be very difficult (in a cranky way) – we always stay in a hotel when we go to visit them. This visit made me realise how lucky I am to have my mother as she is and sad that she is so far away and never likely to come visit us here (she is full time carer of my father).

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