Flowers for the Princess



The Princess has her first "real" job!!  She went for an interview last week and got called back for a second interview yesterday.  She starts next Monday as a Receptionist for a small company. 

She has been working weekends and evenings at McDonalds since she was 14 & a half. 

For all that I think about their food (not much) I do think that McDonalds is good grounding work experience.

My marigolds are happy for the Princess too!



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  1. Congratulations to you and the Princess! The colors of your flowers are really quite striking as are the "fuzzy" petal edges on the first flower. A marigold? What variety? — JG

  2. Thankyou. I am thrilled for her. She completes a Business Administration course this week and this was her first interview (though she did apply for many jobs) so it is a huge boost for her self esteem.

  3. Thankyou. It is great news for her. I just went and looked at the tag for the marigolds but it just says "Marigold" – not much help! The flowers are on the same plant – some variegated with that deep reddish orange & yellow and the others are just orange.

  4. Thank you. Yes she was working at Maccas throughout secondary school and this year while she was doing her course. She has lived with her brothers for a couple of years now so it also paid her share of rent, utilities & food.

  5. Thank you TicTac. Wow!! I am impressed by your memory of her photo! It was the first time she had seen snow and she went mad with her camera – without actually going outside! 🙂

  6. Hearty congrats to your daughter. I agree that McD's is a good first job. There's no slacking there or out you go!
    Being a receptionist is going to seem so very civilised!

  7. Congratulations to her! Working in a crap job as a teenager is great work (and life) experience, I think. I put in six years as a 'check out chick' in Coles Variety Store and it has really made me appreciate the subsequent jobs I have had.
    Isn't there some fancy pants, new speak term for receptionist these days, ie, 'front of house soemthing or other'?

  8. Well its
    nice to see someone better themselves from a job that is safe, although I have
    known some people who have made a good living at it buy becoming manager at the
    big “M” although I would never eat there. Love those flowers colour’s the marigolds
    look to have great texture to them. And today I just picked up a couple of Poppy
    buds today and when they dry out I will get the seeds growing and planted! Congratulations
    to your princess!

  9. Thank you. A civilized job will require new clothes! As well as being good training Maccas also provided a uniform! I can see a text message any day asking if she can use the credit card for a shopping spree this w/end! 🙂 (she has an emergency add-on card to my account and I'm sure this will qualify in her mind as an emergency – LOL).

  10. LOL – fancy speak! A rose is still a rose though! I think anyone who has worked in service oriented jobs must appreciate next level positions. I have always loved the term check-out chick!

  11. Thank you Jamie. Looking forward to seeing photos of your poppies when they bloom. My mother used to have a garden bed of poppies – they were quite spectacular! I suppose if you own one of the McDonald's franchises you could do very well. The Princess is a crew trainer (as well as worker) – she is going to keep her Saturday shifts for some extra money.

  12. Thank you RedPen. It feels as though my full financial responsibilities are nearly ended – she is the last of my children on the way out into the world!

  13. Both the pictures are stunning..its impossible to choose a favorite amongst these. the details on the first one..the 'golden lining' on the second one..ooh.Congratulations to the Princess!

  14. Thankyou. The flowers are so cute – I am surprised at how many there are on the little plant. As it gets closer to Monday the Princess is getting a little nervous!

  15. Congratulations – big milestone.And yes, McDonalds have very good training and you can learn quite good foundational skills. A close friend of mine who has been a public servant for 13 years and is a Director, recently used her McDonalds experience in an interview for that very reason!

  16. Thank you. My economist son found the same thing about having McDonald's on his resume. He put himself through uni working at McDonalds and completed their Management course as well. Recruiters love it!

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