Driven to (a new) drink…


I have found a new drink – Pomegranate Liqueur.  Called Pama, it is made of pomegranate juice, vodka & a touch of tequila.

It was apparently released in 2006 and it has taken a visit from the in-laws for me to discover it!

Scouring the liquor shop for something to dull the pain I was attracted to the bottle by the design of a pomegranate tree.

It came with a little card of drink recipes.  Seven different drinks.  I tried all 7 last night!!

My favourite was a Pama Martini  – 1.5 parts Pama, 1.5 parts Vodka, .25 cointreau – shaken not stirred!

It certainly improved the evening! 

If I was a church-goer I would be going up for multiples of the communion altar-wine this morning!!

Six more days to go……

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12 responses

  1. See drinking
    fixes everything! Anything with vodka and /or tequila in it is good in my books, although ceases and
    long island ice teas have always done me right, and screwdrivers. Ah hell
    anything alcoholic but that was only Monday though Sunday, but no matter what
    as long as it takes the edge off people and puts you into the mood to tolerate
    then some wine would be nice too!

  2. LOL! I just hope they don't visit too often – I don't think my liver could stand it! On previous visits they have had to stay in a hotel as we only had a one bedroom apartment – now that we have a house we might find them crossing the country more often!!

  3. It was "bloody good" as we would say in Oz! In general I try to keep my alcohol consumption to 1-2 glasses of red wine a night. The spirits come out in times of severe stress! πŸ™‚

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