Is it really possible that there are so many diseases and things that can go wrong with the body as one ages? 

I am being "educated" on things I would rather not know about.

The outlook is dismal!

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  1. It's like Deja Vu! Remember my MIL stories from March? She dropped her pants to show me her knee scar from surgery. She told me she had shingles on her PRIVATE PARTS! I could have lived my whole life quite happily without those visuals. I told DH I was traumatized for weeks! My advice: drink heavily….everything will be ok. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Emjay – the longer we live, the better our chances of coming down with something major in our health gets better and better. The problem is, no matter whether one gets something or not, if you live long enough, you die. Catch 22 situation. LOL

  3. Not sure
    why they call it the golden age when you seem to be the age of being wore out
    and broken down in the most unusual ways! Makes me glad to know whatโ€™s to come!

    Maybe I will
    start my golden age now I bit premature!

  4. The good thing is that we do have the opportunity to get so many different diseases and conditions so that we will all have something different to talk about in the old people's home! Be boring if we all had the same health issues.

  5. I have seen more (elderly) private parts in the last couple of days than I deserve! LOL. If someone must sleep on the couch can't they put their bottom at the end we don't walk past?

  6. LOL. That is so true. But can't I be timid and weak until I get there? Listening to MIL describe things like bodily functions, (or loss thereof), over meals makes me feel queasy!

  7. LOL! Exactly! There are so many people out there with life-threatening illnesses who do not complain at all or as much as MIL. Poor FIL – he doesn't share but she certainly shares his illnesses for him!

  8. LOL! That reminds me of the Senior homes called "Sunrise" . The first time I saw one I just cracked up laughing at how misnamed it was. They should be called "SunSET" homes!!!!

  9. LOL!!!! Yes – I think I am hearing about all the "conditions" one can get that won't actually kill you on their own. There seems to be an infinite number as nothing has been repeated yet!! I am going to start a list just incase I have nothing to talk about in the seniors home! ha ha. I just hope that little button in my brain which determines what is "inappropriate" stays operational right to the end.

  10. Listening to MIL describe things like bodily functions, (or loss thereof), over meals makes me feel queasy! Remind me to be very careful who I invite to dinner when you are there. I often get involved in such discussions while eating. Doesn't bother me at all! 8:-)

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