They’re here!

The parents-in-law arrived last night for an 8 or 9 day stay!   Is it possible to be sick of them before I have even spoken to them? 

They arrived around midnight last night when I was tucked safely in bed and they were asleep when I left for work this morning. 

Isn't there a law which says they should both sleep in the bed provided in the spare room??  I found one snoring on the couch!  

Definitely neighbours-only on these!   Has anyone ever had that filter fail?  

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  1. If they aren't in the habit of sleeping together at home the astro-dweeb should have known that and clued you in ahead of time. But I guess in-laws don't count as regular company and, therefore, don't have to be on quite such good behavior?As for being sick of the them before you even talk to them….Been there. Done that.

  2. Put on a
    plastic smile, put forth your best-tranquilized mood. And remember everything goes
    better with drugs and alcohol! Good luck you never know you might have a moment
    or two of good times……..

  3. In re: Your settings: Make sure you check the box at the bottom of the page that says "not suitable for…" (paraphrase) being indexed by the search spiders. I believe Vox has tightened up the security here pretty well but you know what they say about the internet.
    Are they online types? So these are American in-laws, eh? Good luck! 😉

  4. LOL – I remember reading about your MIL and her too much information stories. I think it would be very competitive between my MIL and yours for sharing totally inappropriate "stuff". And, why is it that they do it at dinner or breakfast time?

  5. Well, the poor astro-dweeb took them to the Mall yesterday (shame I couldn't get the day off work!! haha) and today he has taken them to Mt. Vernon – oh what a shame I just went there a couple of months ago with the Princess!! Only one week to go ……. They both snore!! MIL likes to read for many hours and apparently FIL can't stand the light in bed.

  6. Yep – it came out in the middle of an argument (between the in-laws) that they haven't slept together since she had a hysterectomy in 1984!! Way too much information over dinner last night! We did actually blow up a quite luxurious mattress for MIL & put it in the office but she apparently just "likes" the couch. We have stayed with them a couple of times and they always "appeared" to sleep together. Strange!

  7. LOL! I did what Caprica suggested and I didn't put any tags on either. Only FIL goes online and is not very savvy with searching. The most important thing will be to clear my history/cache/searches on the computer here so they don't accidentally see it when they are nosing around my things. (and yes, MIL is a big nosey-arounder!!).

  8. I'm sure your in-laws are lovely. My mother is a wonderful lady – actually, seriously she is, and the astro-dweeb loves sitting talking with her. My father would fall into the awful in-law group but it is impossible for him to ever travel and stay with us so it will never be an issue. I don't think this is a very pleasant stay for my husband either – he is looking very stressed this morning! And we have a week to go …. they leave next Saturday. I have the advantage of being able to leave the house each day to go to work but he will have them full time. Note to self: be nicer to husband this week! 🙂

  9. My mouth is hurting!!!! The plastic smile can only last so long before you need painkillers for facial spasms. The good times are when I think up some reason to leave the room – LOL.

  10. Thanks for that advice – I think with that and no tags it would be hard for them to find. FIL uses the internet but doesn't seem to be very savvy with it – for example last night he had to be shown how to find something in Google! Yes – they are American in-laws! (my ex-Australian ones were actually quite nice – until I divorced their son!).

  11. LOL!!! I had two huge glasses of wine when I got home last night – you know the "special" red wine glasses which are over-sized and only meant to have a bit in the bottom? It didn't seem to work very well as I started to eye the hard liquor shelves….

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