Chinese Menus

This was the menu of a restaurant where we had dinner one night in Nanjing

Doesn't Hog Intestines in Spicy sauce sound great?  How about Wing & Web?  – a juicy wing and a webbed foot.

Might you be tempted by the Fried Sparrow Gizzard?  If not there is always the Yu Fu with Shepherd's Purse (not so sure this is the herb!).

Mmmm – what could be better than Large Intestine with Stinky Tofu:

I love how every item is a vegetable!

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22 responses

  1. Eep. I usually like to try new and unusual foods, but if I ever travel to China, I'm packing a year's supply of NS Fudge Graham Bars. I could live on those if I had to. And it looks like I might have to.

  2. That's why I always travel with a trusted local companion. LOL! I once had lunch just outside of Shanghai with a bunch of local businessmen I had just met. The main signature dish apparently was a dark soup. When you used the ladle to scoop up the goodies beneath the murky broth, lo and behold: You found tiny sparrow hatchlings with hair, claws and all. Mmmmm, no thanks.

  3. Well a vegetarian
    might not have a fun time with that menu, it would be a great place for me to
    go and loose weight, because except for the center of the chicken foot with gongko
    which I don’t find appetizing but interesting I couldn’t find anything to eat
    on the menu!

  4. So, what did you end up eating there? At least one thing sounds edible…beef tenderloin with BBQ sauce. That would be my pick. Then again, could it be bad translation?

  5. The "Stewed Mixed Vegetables with Chinese Mushroom in hot pot" might do. I think if I ever go to China, I will learn how to order plain rice. That's it, just plain rice. And a bottle of soy sauce. And I'll be good to go.

  6. LOL! Last time I went home to Australia the daughter of someone I work with here asked if I could take Graham's Crackers for her – I wonder if she thought Aussie cuisine was bad! Actually, they have a lot of cakes which are quite nice.

  7. LOL! Actually I found more on this menu that I would like to try than I sometimes find on American menus! 🙂 I had chicken feet many years ago and was not that impressed!

  8. That is what I thought before I went – I imagined not finding anything to eat or getting seriously sick from everything. I was going to come back 2 sizes smaller – in my own mind!! The reality was I found things that I liked, I did not get sick and I came back the same weight!

  9. LOL! A couple of places we went the menu was written in Chinese but had photos of food – we just pointed at things we thought looked nice. I tended to stick with fried foods then.

  10. LOL! I just remembered that they don't have rice WITH the foods. The rice comes out at the end (just before the watermelon) and is used mainly to fill up on. I told people before we left that I was just going to eat rice but it would've been difficult to sit there waiting for it while everyone else ate.

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