Friday … at last!

It's been one of "those" weeks!  Small things suddenly became big time-consuming things and I haven't been able to do things I want to do – things like playing on the computer!

Our friend Dr. D stayed the weekend on his way through town, so we invited a few friends over and barbequed on the deck.  We even managed to do so without scraping any of that new paint off!!   I made a potato salad using mint and basil out of my garden for a pesto dressing.  I was pretty impressed that my plants produced enough leaves!! 

The astro-dweeb and Dr D installed an outdoor blind on the western side of the lower deck. Strangely, there was a piece left over after the installation! Mmmm!   The astro-dweeb is webpage-shy so this is only his hand with Dr. D…. 


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12 responses

  1. I always worry when people have peaces left over, most of the time this
    means something is going to break soon and never on the builder but on some
    other person who will be the patsy for being the person who broke the (in this
    case blind) improperly built item!!

    Remember to let him open and close the blind that way when it breaks it
    has nothing to do with you….. I love when people build things it is better then
    any TV show!

  2. Sadly true! When we got Next Day Blinds which the salesman said "any idiot can install" we ended up having to pay someone! (mind you, the handyman also had some problems).

  3. LOL! Yesterday I was dusting and knocked over an aerial which I discovered was not connected to the base bit! I carefully balanced it back and thought I just wouldn't mention it!

  4. LOL. I have only put a few photos of myself on my site – a few years old and in the distance! My children and Dr. D have Myspace or Facebook sites so they are already comfortable with being plastered over cyberspace.

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