Shanghai to Nanjing…

Wow!  What a slack-arse I have been!  4 days since I posted something.   Isn't slack-arse a great expression?  

Anyway,  when we were in China we rode the very fast train from Shanghai to Nanjing.  It travels at 100+mph and spends its day travelling back and forth between the two cities.  It has an engine at both ends so that it doesn't have to be shunted around to face the other direction at each end. 

The stations are so organised that when the train stops those exiting do so from the front of each car (there were 9 cars on our train).  On the platform those waiting to board are standing in a neat line on a yellow square – exactly where the rear door of the car stops.  There is a less than 5 minute stop at each station.

The train was incredibly comfortable – though we were riding in first class so I can't vouch for the comfort of the whole train but I think there was basically only one class – 1st class might have meant that our seats reclined more.  It was wonderfully air-conditioned and a LCD display gave our outside temperature and train speed as we travelled, as well as the names of the towns we went through.

I was intrigued by all the signs posted in the toilet -  

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  1. Love the post especially the signs, I always love signs and
    postings that tell you things they are either so duh how wouldn’t you not know
    that or what the hell are they talking about!

    Don’t think of yourself as a slack-arse, I haven’t written any
    thing for a while but the only thing that has happened in the last few days was
    attend my parents 50th anniversary meal on Saturday and more drugs
    with more hallucinations makes for poor postings! Except for the parents wedding

  2. This is really interesting! I often find myself intrigued by signs and postings. It can be a very complicated subject to study. I look for signs everywhere. You've definitely taken me on a sign trip this time. It must have been an interesting experience on that train.

  3. I hope you are feeling better by now – because now I have been an extra slack-arse in replying to comments!! There are some great signs around – usually I see the best ones when I don't have my camera!

  4. We saw many "intriguing" signs in China. 🙂 I actually had trouble getting into one of the toilets on the train! All those signs and there was not one to tell you how to open the door!! I think in the end it was like the flush – you just waved your hand in front of the door and it opened unless someone was inside and had locked the door. I was a little confused with what a "closestool" was!! But, there was a bin near the toilet for paper and also by then I had been to many squat toilets where you put toilet paper into a bin instead of the toilet. I don't think their plumbing system can cope with toilet paper.

  5. I was very confused by the heated toilet seat!! After all the warnings I was almost afraid to use it. Interestingly the toilets were either "unisex" or "male" there was not a specific female only one!

  6. LOL! Actually the trip is only a little over 2 hours so most people would "hold it" – but the toilet in the station was a squat one………!!! Other passengers must have wondered about me as I went to the toilet and then went back to my seat to get my camera and went back in again! 🙂

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