Nanjing images


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  1. Were is the
    page button! Ha, Ha! I have never owned an expensive cordless phone and they
    all had pagers so dummies could find they’re missing phone. I always thought it
    was a useless feature, for I never lived in a big enough place to loose the

    Although if
    I lived in such a place in your photos I guess I would need it!

    photos wouldn’t it be great to have a place like that over hear although
    painting it might be a pain! Know any good painters! Although the one show on
    china I watched they added things like pigs blood to make the reds redder!

  2. Thank you. There were some wonderful things to see, some interesting things and some depressing things. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to travel there.

  3. I have never been to Nanjing, but I take great pains to make my Ninjettes aware of the historical significance of the place… especially what happened there during the Japanese occupation of WW2.
    What happened there explains plenty about where Sino-Japanese relations are at these days.

  4. The extent of what happened in that 6 week period is mind-boggling. They were renovating the Nanjing Massacre Compatriot Victims Memorial Museum when we were there but when it re-opened in December, the Chinese government in its anxiousness to improve ties with Tokyo, sent only junior officials to a ceremony unveiling the refurbished
    museum – they did not address the crowd of invited students, soldiers, and construction workers. I intend to go back one day and go through it. Looking back on my Australian education I do not remember being taught anything of these atrocities.

  5. That's why it is really the forgotten holocaust of the 20th century. The vile-ness and sheer brutality, pound-for-pound, far outweighed the Nazi treatment meted out to the Jewish population in my view. And believe you-me, a helluva lot more perished in Nanking. If not for the efforts of people like the late author, Iris Chang, the Rape of Nanking would still not be scratching popular consciousness today.

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