Weekend Painting

We spent the Labor Day weekend thoroughly cleaning and then 2-coat solid staining our two timber decks …   and we learnt the following:

1. If you can afford it, you should pay someone.

2. Chose a project no longer than 2 days. Enthusiasm waned by the end of the 2nd day & had mysteriously vanished upon waking the 3rd morning!

3. Hope the neighbours are out of town ….  MsM popped out onto her deck, saw what I was doing and said "oh, painting is very hard work. Can you call my number as I've lost my phone".  I look at my paint splattered fingers and shoes and think – is she serious. Apparently she is, as she asks twice!   I struggle to take my shoes off and get inside for the cordless phone but now I have paint on the phone and the inside door handle (the handle not covered in saran/glad wrap). I try to hand her the phone which is pinched between my two cleanest fingers and she says "I'll tell you the number".  Is she blind?  I say "I can't press the numbers because of the paint" and she laughs crazily but does take the phone. Once her phone is located she hands mine back and then proceeds to hang a large towel over her railing - right beside the lower deck and under our top one!  I like to think I am not a splatter painter but ……… seriously would you do this

4. Moving a nearly-full gallon tin, with your foot, is likely to result in a shoe full of paint!

5. Railings and all those little vertical slats have much much more area than you think. 

6. Write down all the paint information – it makes things so much easier on subsequent trips to Home Depot for more paint!

7. Do not volunteer to paint the steps if painting from the bottom up is required.  The inclined position of the head in the sun & heat does strange things to one's brain!

8. Yes, you really do have all those muscles!  

Here is the work while it was in progress – complete with MsM's towel!     We are one of a long row of rowhouses so we had to paint from outwards in – this was the first coat stage.  


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15 responses

  1. I have
    never herd of a cordless phone that doesn’t have a pager on the base! But
    having neighbours I know how lazy they can be that’s why they never asked me anything because
    I hate stupid people!

    Yes painting
    is hard work and a real pain and unfortunately I have some roofs to paint and I
    should paint the church (long story)! There is never a time when there isn’t
    something you need to do some household upkeeps although my brother was smart
    he hired someone to paint the house, and had me up there to watch/ be the
    intermediate person if he had any problems, it is fun watching my brother go
    off the deep end!

    Some people
    love painting (me) but it can be an adventure if you are in a crazy hurry, I do
    feel sorry for you though!

  2. LOL – you made me go and study my cordless phone – mine doesn't have a pager thing on the bottom. It was the cheapest bottom of the line we could find! Fancy phones are not a priority to us and maybe the neighbour is the same – but she can be pretty annoying! The other night she knocked on our door and said that her "heart was crying" because my peonies were on the ground after a rainy windy day. Yeah it was bloody hard work! Our decks are about 12 ft x 18 ft each plus all those slats and railings!!

  3. Thank you Emu. I did feel that we had really achieved something once it was finished – and this w/end we are having a barbie to show it off to friends!

  4. Well, now I am really laughing at myself!! I put my glasses on this time!! There is the smallest little button you can imagine on the bottom on the base and it does indeed say "page" – though you need glasses and magnifying glasses to read it! Not only have I learnt the dynamics of painting this week but also that cordless phones have page buttons! 🙂

  5. O!!!!! (((((((((hugs))))))))) Painting is a pain. Really. You tell this in such a funny — LOLOLOL!!! — way, but I knnow that it was miserable work and aggravation and you're sore, etc. Your neighbor? Wow. A little bit space-y?That's a very very pretty deck area though.BTW– I didn't forget about your cartooon == when this job is over I'll be able to work on fun things like that– in a weeks or so..Thanks for being so paitent!!

  6. Yeah – I was trying to be funny. I think my bones are a little old for 3 days of bending in weird directions – my fingers were crippled for a few days – a combination of holding the brush and weird angles through all those slats. Our neighbour gives us many hours of amusement! When I see her coming up the front path towards our door I send my husband to answer – I tell him that she is his "friend" … he is much more patient than I am! Whenever you have time for the cartoon is fine – really!

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