Third tagging ….

I have been tagged, for the third time, to write 8 random things about myself – this time by Strixaluco

1.  I'm a fairly obliging person!

2. When I was young, I was made to go to school no matter how sick I was. The school would contact my grandmother to come and get me and I would stay with her until my father came to pick me up. One day I was sick and thought I would save everyone some trouble and walked off to my grandmother's at lunchtime (of course I didn't tell anyone).  When I got there she wasn't home so I walked back to the school.  I must have taken the scenic route because when I got back, the school was deserted.  "Someone" found me trudging the street crying and picked me up. I learnt a valuable lesson – don't run away from school on a Tuesday as that was Nan's day out.

3.  I love all sorts of cheese except plastic, bright yellow and any that comes out of a can!

4. Eight is starting to seem a big number!  Well, it does take 2 hands to count it.

5. I really, really dislike baseball. I have so far managed to avoid going to a game. This was easy when I first came to DC as we did not have a baseball team. When the city was trying to secure the Nationals I took part in a phone survey on whether I thought baseball would be good for the city and how we should fund the cost of a stadium. I  happily played along because I did think it would be good for the city …. The very last question was: So, how many home games would you attend?  I couldn't very well say "none" after having been such an enthusiastic supporter on paper, but I had no idea how many home games are in a season.  The woman told me some ridiculously high number and I struck a figure somewhere around a fifth of that.  I do not intend to honour that!

6.  I have driven on the wrong side of the road in both America and Australia. 

7.  I am really liking Sangiovese wines at the moment. Sangiovese 101  -  I started with Rosemount Sangiovese in Australia and have tried Italian & Californian ones since. 

8. This time last year I was in China.  Actually, I was  probably in a forest in the middle of no-where with a bus driver and hotel staff who did not speak English. (and I don't speak any sort of Chinese).

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16 responses

  1. Amazing the things you come up with…#2 certainly effective, quick set up, hanging plot, and sweet resolve. Like a wave of choas climbing cresting to gently fall on lapping shores. Well, anyway….its nice what you wrote. Somehow I figure you'll be tagged again…bet I'm not the only one who loves the way you write. 🙂

  2. #2 is a wonderful tale but I'm still cracking up about #6. I've seen drivers on the wrong side of the road but I've always assumed they were impaired. Now I realize they may have simply been Australian! 😉

  3. Why? Good question – perhaps because they could and because Americans will eat anything (sorry Americans!). This is from Wikipedia: "Easy Cheese was originally marketed by Nabisco in 1966 under the name Snack Mate. AFter the merger of Kraft & Nabisco in 1988, the product was renamed Easy Cheese…………… It is available in several flavors, including American cheese, mild and sharp cheddar, Swiss, nacho and bacon & cheddar. The bacon & cheddar flavor used to contain tiny chunks of bacon which easily clogged the can's nozzle…….. since reworked the recipe to omit the bacon particles in favor of bacon flavoring. In 2007 Kraft began producing a cream cheese variety of Easy cheese.

  4. Thank you. I am enjoying dredging up stuff – one of the advantages of being "older" .. lots of stuff to dredge through! I remember that as being a very traumatic day but as I typed it out I was laughing at my poor little self!

  5. LOL – maybe they were impaired Aussies!!! The hardest things are the turns. Left hand turns in Oz are easy and difficult here. It's a matter of trying to remember where I am! In Sydney I drove down a whole street wondering why the parked cars were facing the wrong way!! It was only when I got to a traffic light that I realised I was facing oncoming cars which was going to be problematic! Normally my husband only lets me drive on the freeways here because it is harder to go wrong when you are in a "mob".

  6. Are you going to be tagged until they come across the information
    they want, way better you then me? Although I haven’t been out of Canada I have
    driven on the wrong side of the road and broken several laws well the police
    have watched. And that sounds like fun, the idea for a sitcom you and some Chinese
    in a bus in the woods, lets play charades to communicate! Looking forward for
    the next round of things you didn’t know about Emjay!

  7. After reading your #2, I feel better. I was made to go to school no matter how sick I was too. Many times I was running a high fever and waiting with the nurse until my father came to pick me up. He was always late and usually the next day I went back to school again.

  8. How do you make random facts so much fun?My only sick leave from school was with a fever of 103. The doctor said I had to stay home, and I started whining about the important test the next day. He grinned at my parents and said, 'The fever has gone to her head.' I stayed home for two days and got so bored I never fell sick again. 🙂

  9. I have to wonder what was in my parent's heads. We had such a long bus trip into town for school – it was horrible. I think a lot of times it was one of my grandparents that eventually took me out to the farm rather than a parent coming in. My grandmother had television though so there was something "special" about staying with her! China was a fabulous 16 day trip… I think I will start writing about it.

  10. Welcome back! LOL – your sick day!! Boredom can be a wonderful cure. The princess used to end up in the sick bay often with pains in the stomach and the school would ring me to go pick her up. I used to race straight there but within a short time of being home she would have a miraculous recovery. Then when the school rang I would ask "is she vomiting?" and they would say no, so I would dawdle getting there. A few times I dawdled so much that the school day was almost over by the time I got there. She stopped getting those pains!!

  11. wow the driving on the "other side" would mekae nuts– how in the world do you get uused to the other way?That's a shame about your school versus sick thing — (((hugs)))I don't like baseball either– it seems so long and drawn out and er….*looks around* …..pointless. And kind of random.Great list!!!

  12. I don't think the brain fully changes over. I always feel that in an emergency situation I would automatically react as though I was on the left hand side of the road. You have to remind yourself at every corner which side you should turn onto – the mistakes I have made have been associated with turning onto roads. I'm pretty sure a lot of Americans would think the same about our passion for cricket – a long, drawn out game – though rules have been changed to make it more exciting.

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