Cactus by the road

Most often seen beside the roadways in Australia are gum trees or eucalyptus along with native shrubs such as wattle, bottle brush, waratah, myall trees…..

Not so often does one come across a cactus!

Between Coonabrabran and Baradine is this magnificent specimen – the Warrumbungle Range can be seen in the background. 

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  1. Oh they're so gorgeous!And those bracts (?) — whatever they are. WowBeautiful beautifl pix.Hey I was looking at your strawberries and got called away in the middle- have to come back….

  2. Ooh! I am such a hopeless horticulturist – I have never heard of "bracts" – (runs to Google). It says it is a modified or specialized leaf. This was a huge area of cactus – cacti? I wonder how old it is.

  3. We call these succlents agave and in Mexico they make tequila from the leaves. I've also heard them called centry plants and that they bloom every 100 years. Here in the desert they bloom every 15 to 20 years and when they bloom the spikes go up to 15 feet high and then the plant dies. I'll take some photos of the ones I have in my yard and see if this looks like the ones you have in your photo.

  4. I love all
    your plant photos most people donโ€™t stop and shoot photos of things like you
    have dismissing them as something you always see, and that would be true if I lived
    there and drove the same road back and forth to work, and I myself some times
    fit in that same group of people who sometime think why shoot something I have
    seen it a thousand times before, but others havenโ€™t. And with digital cameras
    its easy anymore to just point and shoot!

    I also love
    your Herb garden shots there is nothing more great to have then fresh herbs
    from the garden!

    Also did
    you ever want to put up a sign at a cactuses patch that read ACME CACTUSES!

  5. Nice pictures…and by the way, how is it you remember how to spell all those distincly unique names? Lets take a guess…out of a hundred people… how many could remember how to spell Warrumbungle or eucalyptus or Coonabrabran? Any guess? Well, it makes me glad to know my friends are exceptional. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thank you very much for the compliments. I always have my camera in my handbag. The "thing" that stops me most from using it is worrying about people might think or if they will be offended by being included in my photo …. not a problem on a country road! ๐Ÿ™‚ The herbs are soooooo good!!!

  7. None of my agave are blooming, it is too early in our season. I think they bloom more in the heat of the summer.
    You'll have to check with the locals on your question on the moonshine. Most folks don't know that is where tequila comes from.

  8. LOL – I think if you grow up in a place you learn the name and see it all the time. Plus they are pronounced very closely to their spelling – it's just a matter of sounding it out (with our accent of course ha ha). It is the same as Americans seem to know how to spell Massachusetts (which I just had to Google – I had a "u" instead of that 2nd "a").

  9. Gorgeous! You got me googling 'agave'..I recognized it from the picture as the plant my aunt used to make chyavanprash with! (Things Vox and you are teaching me!)Oh, and the stalks are used to make didgeridoos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. OH LOL – you read the same google entry as me I think! I have never seen a didgeridoo made from them though. They make them out of gum trees which have been hollowed out naturally by termites.

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