Second Round ….

More random things about me – for SandyU  who tagged me……..

1.  I love Plain Non-Fat yogurt.  I have it for lunch every day.  My lunch has never been stolen out of the work fridge.

2. I do not watch any "reality" TV shows  – I seem to be the only person I know who doesn't.  However, I did watch the first season of Survivor all those years ago.

3.  I have peroneal tendonitis in my left foot.  I have had it for 2 years now.  I don't think it is ever going to get better – it is an "overuse" injury and I just can't see how you can not use your foot.

4.  I admit to having owned some Abba cassettes – but surely I did not purchase them myself! 🙂

5.  For seven years I lived in a 12-storey apartment block with hundreds of others and only learnt the name of one neighbour.  Ophelia!  A fabulous name  – I wish I was called Ophelia. My father wanted to call me Fleur – I'm glad my mother resisted – though Fleur would be a good Vox name. 

6.  I think of worst case scenarios for every situation.  I am a "what if worrier".  What if robbers suddenly appeared to rob that armoured truck as I'm walking past,  what if my waiter just sneezed all over my plate and has some incurable disease spread by "droplets"; what if the plane really does have to make a water landing; what if the life jacket is not under the seat;  what if ….. you get the idea!

7.  I have morning "tea" at 10am every morning – weekday & weekends. Though this actually consists of coffee rather than tea; if I miss out for any reason I turn into a very nasty person.

8. I have probably eaten tons of chocolate in my lifetime.  I have still not perfected the art of making a box last longer than a day.  I intend to continue practising on this!

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  1. #2 – me too neither. When I first heard there was to be a show called Survivor, I thought it sounded like a cool idea… but that was because I thought they meant it – that the people actually had to survive on their own, by their own individual wits and knowledge of the wild, last one standing wins. But when I heard what it was really like, I never watched it.
    #6 – have you read any of the Worst Case Scenario books? Then you could be prepared for all those eventualities! 🙂

  2. What is it with the random stuff? Its facsinating, every time you write something, a little more of the 'you-ness' comes into existense to be considered. How do you do that? I thought at first it might be because you write so very well, and you do, but I think it more than that. Maybe it rings with a certain truth, an open honest truth, something that simply can't be but appreciated. Well, whatever you're doing, please keep doing this whatever bit of randomness. 🙂

  3. LOL @ worst case scenarios online!! Now I can stress myself anytime of day! Ha ha. I watched the entire first season of Survivor I suppose because the format was different to anything I had seen before – I was getting sick of it by the end though. And, yes I thought they were going to have to do a bit more "surviving" on their own.

  4. Thank you so much for the nice compliments! I suppose most of us think our lives are very mundane – but that is actually very rarely the case! We all have something interesting to tell – of course the longer we live the easier it is to come up with a few!! I am finding it quite entertaining & somewhat nostalgic to think of random things to say about "me".

  5. I too don't watch any reality TV. I really don't like it at all, and the wide spread support/audience of it really makes me lose faith in the general public's opinion. However, it is really nice to know that really good shows like Lost and such can still survive and be popular too. ;)Ophelia is a great name!! The building I am in now is also 12 storeys, and there are three buildings in the same area, but I don't know anyone's name (we've only lived there since October). Well, I guess I technically do, but I'm just not sure if they actually live there. Two guys I keep seeing on my floor always are dressed the same, and have name tags on, so I glanced at one… lol I guess that's cheating. 😦

  6. One of the music teachers at my school was called Ophelia. It didn't suit her at all. the Libra sanitary pad people have successfully ruined the name Fleur for ever more, don't you think? My mum wanted to call me Merridi (sp?) but my dad put a stop to it. Thanks Dad!

  7. wowee– worst casers unite!! me, too– *sigh*Sorry about your foot ((hugs))Ophelia is lovely– Ophelia Fleur would be pretty……Rality TV — I never watched Survivor and the others, where tests and strategy are the keys to success. But I do like the cooking and designing ones (ex.: Top Chef and ProjectRunway), because they tend to be less dangerous and less strategic- and VERY funny.Neat list — !!!!*hands Emjay a big cup of coffee and some luscious chocolate*

  8. LOL @ the guys and their nametags! We lived in a Charles E Smith building and all the employees had nametags but I don't think I really took any notice except for a lovely lady named Calvin who was very nice to me when I moved in and didn't seem to be able to do or find anything! There are so many interesting (non-fiction) and well written things on television, I think it is a shame that they do not get a bigger audience.

  9. LOL – yes that's probably true about Libra and Fleur – how awful that would have been to suddenly find my name associated with a "feminine product"! Merridi is an interesting name … (googling it produces quite a few).

  10. Ooh! I did enjoy that coffee and chocolates!! My grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic so sometimes I wonder if the "what if" worries are the start ….. (LOL, that's another worry!!). I forgot about cooking shows – I probably wouldn't class them as "reality" in the sense of the silly game or talent shows. Today I was told that I look like Sally Jessie Raphael – now there is another "class" of shows……….!!

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