Twilight shots

Since this week's photo quest was posted we have only had one evening with a twilight. It has rained and rained and rained some more.  We have had 7.75 inches of rain since Thursday!!! Nearly 8" in 5 days!

This is our street of row houses with the last rays of the setting sun shining on them:  

The rear of our row houses with twilight images reflected in our window.

Point & Shoot Canon set on automatic  – no flash;  hand-held.

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13 responses

  1. Wow 8' of rain, it would be a flood here. When we get 2" of rain it floods. Our annual rain fall is 12".
    I like the second photo the best…very strong lines with the building and the fence (I think it is a fence) love the reflection in the window…it is like a two for one photo of the sunset…great job!

  2. “Twilight“- one of my favourite songs by “ELO” but I love
    your shots especially the row houses with the yellow glinting off the brick
    face such a great shot, I am still trying to figure out the way to produce
    shots on the digital camera like I used to on a film camera. It should be the
    same but I think my cameras won’t go as far as I want to push them (manual
    settings). But I love and am surprised how well things do come out with digital
    cameras. But there is no regrets you can bang off 100 pictures and unlike film
    you just delete and start over shooting on a digital.

    Thanks for your shots I love images always have always will,
    an image dose it for me so much better then words!

  3. I think I am going to be contrary again and say I like the first picture best. I like the light reflecting off the bricks, if you were to put your hand up there, it would feel warm from the sunshine of the day.

  4. Thank you. Those are actually the backs of our row of rowhouses. We all have aluminium siding. I like the way the lines from the clouds continue their line between the sky and the window.

  5. Thank you. That is the best thing about digital photography isn't it? You can take zillions of photos very cheaply! I stood on my front steps and took photos of the front of the house and then went to the back porch and took photos and then repeated both a couple of times. I never would have done that with film!

  6. It was lucky I spotted this effect. I was actually firing off shots down the alley into neighbour's backyards when I turned to come inside and noticed it! Probably less likely to upset my neighbours! 🙂

  7. Thank you. I am torn between which one I like best. I like the effect of the reflection and lines in the window shot but I agree the first one is "warmer". Also our row houses are painted bricks – each house along the row is painted a different colour – so I like the way the sun's rays have "equalized" us in that warmth.

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