More Azaleas…

A few more shots of the azaleas in the National Arboretum: 

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  1. It is a fabulous area of "wildness". Their herb garden is sort of wild too – though I don't seem to have taken photos of it – I think we were too busy squishing leaves and smelling the wonderful aromas (there was a sign saying we could!). They also have roses which I would describe as "rambling".

  2. Wouldn't that be wonderful! The area is amazing – they must work very hard to make it look so natural … no dead wood etc. I wonder if someone comes around and nips out the dead buds too because there weren't any (or not that I noticed anyway).

  3. You would love the herb garden here. Like I said to Sandy above, I think I must have been too busy smelling leaves to actually photograph it. BTW – we had basil out of the garden yesterday!! And, my peppermint is really lush – just waiting for the lemonade or some other cold drink to garnish!

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