All fall down……

All the heavy rain and wind knocked my red rose over before I had exhausted the photo opportunities!   We staked it up this morning but the petals are pretty much ruined as are those on the white roses, except for one.  The pink roses still look ok and the yellow ones have not bloomed yet. BUT, I still have aphids!  Looks like the environmentally friendly organic seaweed soap did not work…

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  1. Sorry this happened. All is not lost however. I've gone back to your first picture of the rose, your first. I count this as favorite. It will not be forgotten. 🙂

  2. Flowers here are starting to bloom and today when I was in
    the woods you could see all the Trilliums in full bloom I wished I had the
    camera with me but if it is nice out tomorrow I will take a tractor up there
    and shoot me some photos.

    I always love flowers some say they are boring but to me
    they are amazing and pretty! And I love to see how in a concert jungle how we always
    want nature around us!

  3. Yeah – these aphids are tough! I tried "organic" killer first – was supposed to re-apply after 5 days but it started raining and didn't stop! It is clear this morning so I will run out with the spray in a minute – though they forecast the rain to come back this afternoon so not sure how effective the spraying will be. I didn't get to enjoy the white roses at all – they were all destroyed except the one I took a photo of.

  4. Yeah – the spring weather has been appalling! Lots of rain – it rained all week, cleared during the day yesterday but is expected back this afternoon! The ground is so saturated it can't hold anything up!

  5. Thank you! Yes you are correct about that first rose – I was just being greedy in wanting them all! 🙂 Hopefully the yellow ones will survive the next round of rain and the aphids! I think I should be practising my macro photography on all my bugs!!

  6. Thank you – the patio pavers are really nice aren't they? The lady who lived here did a great job on setting up the garden. The astro-dweeb had an idea yesterday – "pull up every second paver and put a plant in the square" …. I was not impressed!!

  7. I hope you get into the woods with your camera today – I'm sure those flowers are gorgeous. Boring? those people are sad if they can not see the beauty in the growth of a plant to a bud developing and then opening to a flower. It is a wonderful process. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  8. Have you considered asking your neighbor across the street if he has any problems with the aphids? Maybe local advise is worth listening to…just a thought. 🙂

  9. Glad you and Annie are okay – stay inside and dry!! They are forecasting another 3 inches of rain here tonight. Don't think the ground can take it!

  10. That is a good idea. I should ask the lady two doors down – she has a lot of potted plants. The lady next door has a yard full of weeds – any discerning aphid would much rather munch on my roses! Next sunny day the gentleman across the street will be sitting on his porch amongst his flowers and I will get to ask him too.

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