Cool teddy

This is one cool teddy – I saw this at the National Arboretum on Saturday.    I wonder if anyone ever tries to steal him!

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  1. Time to
    dust off your motorcycle license; yes you would have to wonder how many people
    would think of grabbing the bear, but maybe he did that so they wouldn’t think
    of grabbing the Bike. And hay I could easily ride it without falling over, and
    much cheaper on gas then a car, but a real pain it the rain!

  2. Not sure I'd mess with that setup. Honda Goldwing with a custom trike frame? Expensive. Very. Also, check out those decals on the front forks! This bike belongs to a Somebody.

  3. I was thinking that nobody would dare steal anything off that rig. It looks like it could film the thief and perhaps call the police!

  4. Yeah I was thinking that even when I am old and feeble I should be able to keep from falling over! Of course there are a few months here when the weather is too bad to be out in the open – even for tough old ladies!

  5. Wow!! You are absolutely right! I didn't notice that until you mentioned it – I was stuck on the bear! Very expensive yes – I found some online for sale over $30,000. It is a pretty smooth looking machine!! A little out of my league – I think I will stick with looking for that harp you suggested! 🙂

  6. LOL! Yeah – it had a cable around its neck connected to the bike – probably alarmed. As I was taking my photos a guy came up with his camera to take some too – now I think, wouldn't it be funny if there was a micro camera in the teddy's eye filming us!

  7. As Dragonfly says this is someone with some money so it wouldn't surprise me what "extras" they have installed on it. I wonder if teddy only comes out when it is parked!

  8. I think I can ride the modified Goldwing. Always thought they were a monstrosity of a motorcycle, but this one's not bad. Bet it's got a bar fridge tucked somewhere.

  9. LOL! I wonder what the rider looked like! I imagine big biceps covered in tattoos but this doesn't quite fit in an arboretum full of beautiful flowers.

  10. LOL! It seemed to be about the size of a mini-minor so lots of space to "tuck" things away. For a moment I had a fantasy of touring on something like this.

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