My garden is blooming!

As most of you noticed my rose buds had some nasty aphids on them.  When I was taking the photos I did not notice the bugs as I didn't have my reading glasses on so when I downloaded the photos to the computer I was rather horrified to see creatures everywhere.   After advice from several readers I bought some spray today – intended to be sprayed on vegetables- which is meant to kill aphids and a few other bugs.  It is not as chemically strong as some sprays. 

When I went out to spray this afternoon, my first rose was in bloom!!!   I was so happy!!  I had imagined the aphids sucking the life blood out of the bud so that it just frizzled and never opened.   I sprayed anyway and then  I thought to go and get the camera!!  So here is my very first homegrown rose – ever – doused in aphid poison:  

While I had the camera out I took a few photos of the azaleas at the front of the house.   I have a pale pink one, a brighter pink one and the deep red one (under the maple).  I can hardly wait now to see what colour the peonies are and I am not sure what the grassy "stuff"  is -   no buds on it. 

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  1. Thank you – I was lucky that someone else had done all the hard work. We only moved into the house in November. I just hope I can keep everything alive!!

  2. It was a cool effect wasn't it! If I ever need a plant to look like it has been dipped I will just whip out the aphid killer! πŸ™‚ There are a lot of tricks like this to photographing food.

  3. So pretty! The rose looks amazing..its funny the aphid poison contributed to its good looks. I've heard of people spraying mineral oil on food for Oh, and using gasoline as chocolate syrup.

  4. It looks
    great we have the odd thing blooming here but it turns so cold just lately that
    anything that bloomed might be in trouble. But thankfully they have only been
    these trees that show flowers like and apple try but never produce any type of

    Beautiful photos
    too bad you use sprays, I love it how people who live in the city can just buy
    sprays and use them where farmers have to take a course on using the same
    chemicals. I could get into preaching over how stuff is used but still love the

  5. Yes – one of my sisters worked on presenting food to be photographed for magazines. Nothing is ever quite what it seems!! I think they used a little oxy torch a lot – and nothing was ever edible after the shoot!

  6. LOL! That's funny because I actually looked for ladybugs before spraying! I found a couple and moved them onto a lily which I was not spraying – I hope they didn't move back.

  7. I don't think it is much of a chemical – it is a spray soap which has seaweed as its main ingredient – and has big wording "For Organic gardening". I am giving it a try before going to the "harder" stuff. I think it is working but I have to re-do it in 5 days.

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