8 random things about me …..

I was tagged by bold as love  and Kellysouth  to write 8 random things about myself – so here goes:

1.  I have both an Australian & American driver's Licence as well as Motor Bike licences. I have an Aussie articulated heavy vehicle licence (tractor trailer) and a Boat Licence.    I do not own any vehicles.  Or a boat!
2.  I learnt the piano for more than 7 years, the clarinet for 2 years and the guitar for less than a month.  I learnt French by correspondence because my secondary school only offered cooking or sewing as electives for the Year 10 School Certificate.

3.  I am a poor Aussie  – I hate beer and I can barely swim.  I learnt to swim in Adult swimming classes when I was 41 – needless to say I was the only Aussie in the class.  I only learnt so I could go to the Great Barrier Reef – but when I got there they provided life jackets so I didn't need to swim anyway. 

4.  I won a bench press competition when I was nearly 40 yo – Most Reps of 70lbs.  I did 35 reps and won a cool trophy.

5.  When I was 19, I drank too much of many varieties of alcohol – I got alcoholic poisoning and was sick for 3 days.   I did not drink again until my 30th birthday when I had a quarter of a glass of wine …  I've been building up ever since!

6.  I am more likely to burst into tears than stand up for myself.  A couple of years ago work sent me to a workshop:  "Managing Emotions under Pressure"  -   it was in a really bad part of town and I had trouble getting a taxi willing to come and pick me up after the course.  I was standing on the footpath in tears  -  yep that course worked!

7.  I have been married twice – neither of them "weddings" as such.  The first one was in a hotel and my ex and I paid for 58 others to have dinner with us. The next day we went on a 3 week trip through Asia.  Five days at the end were spent in Singapore – languishing in the Hilton with food poisoning – except for transfers to/from the airport that is all I saw of Singapore!!!
The second marriage was in a courthouse in Maryland.  The justice was a naturalized citizen with a strong Latino accent.  She called the astro-dweeb by his real name (instead of the middle name he goes by) and I was confused about who I was agreeing to marry' asking "who?".  She had to run out to get her assistant to witness our signatures as we didn't have anyone with us.  I'm pretty sure she thought I was only marrying for a green card!

8.  I can be self deprecating ..   there is really an intelligent thin woman inside me. She is stymied by blondness and chocolate!!!

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25 responses

  1. Love all the
    licenses you never know when you may need one, especially with the gas prices
    the motorcycle license may just come in handy getting around even though you
    may only need a vespa!

    If you sit
    back and think about it putting your life and experiences into a list they all
    start to sound like ideas for a sitcom and how even serious things can be more humorous
    then you ever went through, but just had to laugh at!

  2. I got my big bike licence late in life (about 4 years ago), rode around for two years and now am reduced to riding a push bike. But it's still nice to see my bike licence classification on my licence. Maybe for my next mid-life crisis!

  3. LOL – it's been a while since I rode a bike but I refuse to give up the licence. You never know when you might need it! 🙂 Sometimes I think I am getting better on the emotions "thing" and then I find myself crying at something really pathetic!

  4. they all
    start to sound like ideas for a sitcom Yes definitely! LOL! I suppose all of our lives are part sitcom part soap opera! I think mine is more sitcom than soap!

  5. LOL. Like a chameleon! Different sides for different people! The Princess reads my blog so I was careful what I wrote – wouldn't want her to think my teenage behaviour was giving her carte blanche!!

  6. Yes – it was pretty pathetic really though I had a good laugh about it at work! I hate feeling as though I don't have control over situations. I feel tears pricking my eyes and then I get upset that I have let something get to me – which just makes me worse! One of the credos that the seminar had was something like: I must realise that I do not control the world nor the people in it. I probably should recite it more often! 🙂

  7. LOL. I went for my bike licence on my brother's Kawasaki 900 – I was about 20 or 21. The policeman said: ride it down around the park and school and back. If you make it back you can have the licence! He didn't even stand out on the footpath to make sure I did it!Like you the only "vehicle" I have these days is a bicycle – but just think how little we are damaging the environment.

  8. I commend you for that. It's not an easy thing and it requires some dedication– I suppose like most exercise activities. (Man it's early yet- what a dumb comment.)
    One of the hardest kinds of exercise activities I've had is weight training or yoga. I absolutely hate yoga.

  9. LOL – yoga! For 3+ years I used to go every Saturday morning with a friend and afterwards we would have morning tea/brunch at a cafe. I spent the whole hour thinking about what I was going to eat!! I never could "clear my mind" .

  10. Thank you. I think we all have interesting parts to our lives – even those of us who think we are dull. I also have a lot of years to choose only 8 things from! 🙂

  11. well i remember being this way since primary school… i reckon its with me for life now, but you never know.. i'm so bad though, any confrontation i don't want to have sets me off…

  12. I enjoyed this. What a lovely idea, treating guests to dinner and then taking off on a honeymoon trip! Think of the work and expense that cut, and the part of the "weddings" that usually leave one exhausted come ceremony time.
    About not standing up for yourself…I wonder where something like that would originate, or if it's just a genetic personality trait, etc. I'm like the first person to tell somebody to fuck off. Next time someone is rude to you, or berates you, you should tell them to fuck off — even though it's against your nature, then see how you feel afterwards. No justifying your anger, no explanations or retorts…just simply "fuck off" when they start in.

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