Photo Quest 13 – what spring means to me….

Spring means buds ………..   and bugs!!

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  1. lol – that would be funny – all those little bugs all fish bowled. You can get right up close anyway – almost touching – haven't developed the first roll yet, don't want to waste the shots and nothing exciting round here to shoot.

  2. Except for
    the shot of the ladybug which is a also a great shot nice photos, too many lady
    bugs hear for me to appreciate them. Chipmunks and all the animals that come
    with it like black bears and such tells me that spring has sprung! But it is
    always nice to see everything blooming, besides the allergy’s its always worth
    every blossom!

  3. The little lady bug was running up and down the leaves and over the bud. I went back about 3 times to shoot him/her. I took about 20 photos and this was the only one which was good – others were either a blur or just half of him!

  4. Thank you. I look forward to seeing what your camera can do – you might be surprised. I have a Canon point & shoot and I am quite pleased with what it does macro wise.

  5. Thank you. I think if you put flour on their trail it disrupts them and they go somewhere else. It was something like that – my grandmother used to do it. Actually – maybe it is talcum powder!!

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