Bowling Results

Well, there were 13 ladies so ….. yippee I wasn't  forced onto a team to make up the numbers!!!   They decided to have 4 teams of three…..  they were discussing how to pick the teams when it was discovered that the losing team would actually be the winners of the $50 gift cards.  Suddenly I became popular!  🙂

I assured everyone that there was no way I was going to put those grotty shoes on my feet!  Do they ever wash them out?  Seriously, they looked nasty!

I discovered wine on the menu board and asked for a glass of white.  I don't think they have sold much in the past.  The woman disappeared for a long time; a very long time, and then came back to confer with another couple of ladies behind the counter.  After an animated discussion two of them went off, and, just as I was wondering if they were out crushing the grapes, one returned to ask if Chablis would be ok.  It was actually a nice wine!  I wonder if they had to run to a bottle shop to buy it! 

The promised "Mediterranean Cuisine¨ turned out to be basic pizzas and a cauldron of spaghetti!   Just as well that wine was good!!

After spending 3 hours observing in Bowl America I totally confirm my dislike of bowling and still wonder what the attraction to this activity is!   At least with golf you get some fresh air!!


The afternoon did not start off well for Del …    she was given two right shoes – in different sizes:

One Admin had never bowled before (how is this possible? – maybe she is not American)  - Miss K had to demonstrate how to hold the ball:

How do you decide which ball to use? 

This was duelling pins as both Admins had one pin left after the first "throw"  -  seriously I know it is called a "bowl" but the way some of them were throwing the balls down, I am surprised there are not divots in the boards: 

At least everything – except the shoes - looked shiny:

I took a photo of Miss G's shoes – I was surprised at the effect of her jiggling her leg – it looks as though her left leg is transparent!


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  1. Basically yes I really hated it!!! We have bowling places in Oz but it is mostly kids I think – they didn't have bowling places when I was growing up. Like Claret said a lot of kids have their birthday parties there.

  2. I always
    loved the shoes they were so comfortable, absolutely no traction on them but
    they felt nice on the feet, looked very stupid but can you have everything some
    of the most comfortable clothing looked stupid/ugly but hell I wore it what the
    hell did I care.

    Hope you
    plan to make that a monthly event there is nothing more fun then a giant group
    of people getting together having fun!

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