Solar Toilet

This is my tribute to Earth Day …..     a toilet in the middle of nowhere using solar energy for lighting – during the day.  At night you have to use your car headlights.

I have to wonder about the sign on the toilet though -  who would these  "minors" be who are wandering around in the wilds without a parent!!  

I took these photos on the side of the Castlereagh Highway somewhere between Walgett and Lightning Ridge – Australia.

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21 responses

  1. May be they
    are afraid of them falling in, these minors? You got me but it’s a nice idea
    but you would think they would have a battery that the sun would charge all day
    and keep it lit all night! During the sunny day you wouldn’t think you would
    need much light.

  2. LOL! There might be one near Canberra. It seemed to me that the one we saw was in an area where there were few enough cars/trucks on the road that you could just go in the scrub!

  3. Actually no! It was giving off a pretty nasty smell! We really only stopped to take the photo. Given your germ phobia you might not even have stopped to do that! 🙂

  4. We didn't actually open the door so I don't know how big the hole was – it was probably pretty deep though. Nasty thought – having to rescue anyone from that type of hole. Maybe there is not enough use to warrant keeping a battery charged ……. this way is cheaper.

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