Peak Hour

I love these traffic lights you occasionally find in the middle of nowhere in Australia.

You can sit at a red light for 10 minutes and eventually an oncoming car will come along and then you get the green.  Or, there might not be any oncoming traffic at all and the road crew is just having their lunch!

These were taken somewhere around Mendooran, Australia. 

Mendooran (current population approx 350) was settled in the 1840's – the oldest town on the Castlereagh River.  The town is mentioned in the poem, The Travelling Post Office, written by Banjo Patterson -  though its spelling was different then.

The roving breezes come and go, the reed beds sweep and sway,
The sleepy river murmurs low, and loiters on its way,
It is the land of lots o' time along the Castlereagh.
The old man's son had left the farm, he found it dull and slow,
He drifted to the great north-west where all the rovers go.
"He's gone so long," the old man said, "he's dropped right out of mind,
But if you'd write a line to him I'd take it very kind
He's shearing here and fencing there, a kind of waif and stray,
He's droving now with Conroy's sheep along the Castlereagh.
The sheep are travelling for the grass, and travelling very slow:
They may be at Mundooran now, or past the Overflow

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11 responses

  1. I think we never remember the green ones because they don't vex us, My husband vows and declares he has never, ever had a green light, always has to stop at the red! He is a great catastrophe thinker!

  2. Love those stop lights in the middle of nowhere especially
    when you don’t know what you are really waiting for, and some times it is the
    most stupidest thing you wonder if its just a test to see if a person would
    actually obey it or not!

  3. The astrodweeb thinks you are mean! 🙂 He is a scofflaw and he said he would've stopped too. We are very conditioned to that "red means stop" law. You know that if I went through it, it would coincide with the once a month patrol by the highway police!

  4. LOL! I am absolutely sure that if I went through it there would be a camera recording my number plate or a police car waiting at the other end! On these highways you don't see many cars and have been travelling along at 120+ kph and when you come across one of these lights you can't help but think it is a devious way of bringing my average speed back to the legal limit! 🙂

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