Name that plant …


Another plant challenge.

These sticks with green leaves are just popping up everywhere in my garden beds.   

They don't seem to be joined together unless they are coming from one tuber and joined underground.  They appear really rapidly – one day the ground is barren, the next there is a green top 4 inches high and then the next day it is a foot tall!  Probably about 18 inches tall now.

Any idea what they are?

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  1. I have images of these stalks taking over the earth a la triffids!! Seriously, I can not believe how quickly they just appear and then grow. I planted a hydrangea on Sunday – dug a hole and no sign of anything – now I have these stalks sticking up through the hydrangea!

  2. I love rhubarb!! But, I thought the same as you about the leaves. They are popping up in the front garden too and I don't know anyone who grows their veggies in the front. My mother used to stew rhubarb and we would have it with home-made egg custard – delicious!

  3. My first thought was rhubarb, too, based on the stalks, but the leaves are different. Perhaps it's a wild hybrid – an offshoot of a type of rhubarb. It pretty whatever it is. I can see where it would add a new texture to a basic flower garden.

  4. It is a bit disconcerting to have these stalks popping up in the middle of other plants! 🙂 Here I was thinking that I had all this bare earth to cultivate when actually I only seem to have bare earth in winter!

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