Danger Dog


In the mid '80's my then husband (now ex) and I bought a house in the 'burbs of Sydney; moved in with our two small boys and soon acquired the requisite dog.

Our dog was a little shitzu cross, which had been abandoned, but up the street lived Danger Dog.  We don't know what breed Danger Dog was because we never saw him; in fact we never heard him either, so he was somewhat of a phantom dog. 

We knew there was a dog, phantom or real, because the owners advertised on their walls. Every time the words started to fade they would be repainted.

I lived down the street from this house until I moved to the US in 2000  – by then that dog would've been Mark 2 or 3.   On my recent trip back I drove past the house and was surprised to see the sign still "fresh" looking  – so, if this is the original dog it is now seriously antique!

The house itself is one that appears derelict enough to be the base for an illegal home business – though the lawn is manicured. The Princess would not come with me to take the photo – she was convinced wild looking men, perhaps interrupted in their meth production, would race outside to confront me.

No such thing happened; and neither did a dog bark….

But, I do admit to standing off to the side – just in case!!  :-)  


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12 responses

  1. It is a good story. Certainly some people are not social or they prefer to rest hidden. May be there an obscure face on them. It is a little frigthening to see those warnings on the walls.

  2. That makes me laugh – just an intruder deterrent methinks.
    When I lived in S E London (drugs den that it is) some yardie types down the road kept the most ferocious sounding rottweilers ever, just the noise they made was enough to scare the bejaysus out of anyone!

  3. LOL. The curtains and windows used to change position so we knew someone was in there even though we never saw them either! Obviously the kitchen was out the back! šŸ™‚

  4. It is fascinating that they kept up this wishful thinking for so many years. After awhile it would only have the effect of keeping "casuals" away …. not a friendly neighbourhood robber.

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