These are a few….

of the things I dislike: –

*     Sports fans filling up my trains at peak hour going home. Thank you, organisers, especially for the triple header,  DC United, Capitals and Wizards all on the same night!

*     Renting a vehicle yesterday, to go looking for patio furniture – only to find nothing we liked or too expensive.   (Though we did buy some plants)

*     Realising that the 6 people we have invited to a BBQ next w/end will now have nothing to sit on! 

*     Spending some caloric energy in the garden planting aforementioned plants; eating nothing extra and finding the scales heavier this morning than yesterday!!

*    Having to do housework on a Sunday.

*    Carrying a vacuum cleaner up the stairs – worse, carrying it back down the stairs.

*     Finding that "someone" had left what has to be half a box of tissues in something that went in  the dark clothes wash!

*   Realising that it might be just a tad too early to open the wine!

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  1. Oh yep – I think he left a big wad of paper napkins from Burger King in his pocket. I even washed the clothes twice and dried them 3 times (yes once more than the washing) and they are still have white stuff everywhere. I was just so happy to see that none of my clothes were in that load!!

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