Why is it that as we get older, (and presumably deafer), "obnoxious" music gets louder?


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  1. When we get
    older its not that the music gets louder, we tend to get annoyed and say
    something about it more quickly, before you would tolerate it or even list to
    it. But now it’s a waste of time if you don’t want to hear it, and I always
    figured when we got older we would be saying turn the music up I can’t hear it.

  2. Maybe each generation is socialised to be receptive to particular styles of music. Which, to me, explains why my MP3 player is full of songs I grew up listening to and almost none of the stuff that youngster listen to these days. Give me music from the 60s-late 80s music anyday.

  3. LOL! My mother was a "photographic artist" who worked on the dining room table – there was no loud music in our house 😦 I had to resort to those terrible little ear plugs we had in our cassette players – I think, that despite the number on the volume control, most of the sound escaped.My kids would play their music really loud – 3 different bands competing from 3 different rooms! Somehow I tolerated that …. now I don't know how!

  4. I am totally with you! 60's-80's is my comfort zone! I don't mind some recent stuff – but then it is from artists who were playing back in the 60's-80's – people I am sometimes surprised to see are still alive and performing!

  5. Music can't be too loud for me. Especially in the car. I want to feel the base and hear every cymbol touch. This may be due to the fact that I AM old and deaf, which may be due to the fact that I grew up around bands, and now my son is a drummer for a band that use to practice in my attached garage, and it made me old and deaf. I love the music, all of it, with the exception of torch and twang country). I just want certain things at certain times. (I do turn my stereo down at stoplights and drive-thrus, lol.)

  6. LOL!! I don't mind music I like loud – though probably not loud enough to hear every cymbal touch! 🙂 I can really imagine you driving like this! 🙂

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