Reel Mowing

We have about 20 feet by 11 feet of lawn at the front.  For this funny little rectangle of grass it would be ridiculous to buy a "real" lawn-mower so we bought a manual lawn mower also known as a "reel" mower!

Ordered on Monday when we saw how unkempt our place looked compared to the neighbours (even ghettos have standards), the astro-dweeb was looking forward to it arriving so he could play in the yard.

It was surprising when a very small box was delivered – what the site failed to mention was that assembly is required!!   Okay – it might be expected that you had to screw the handle in but not that you basically had to build it!

When I offered to help with the construction the astro-dweeb said ""The proper way to put a lawn mower together is with the woman sipping champagne, laughing gaily, while the beast bashes his knuckles and curses."

I didn't need to be told twice and curses don't sound nearly as bad after a couple of drinks!

Once it was constructed the astro-dweeb raced out to play – at least it is quiet!

I found a site  Tips for using a reel mower   and just loved this paragraph:
"While it does take a bit longer to mow with a manual mower than a power mower, it is a much more pleasant experience. Instead of the roar of a mower, you hear the pleasant mechanical sound of the blades, the chirping of birds and buzzing of insects. Instead of the smell of gas exhaust, you have the smell of fresh air and fresh-cut grass."

And we won't have to wait until after 7am to use it!

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20 responses

  1. A device
    promoting pain, have never seen a reel mower that has worked the way it is supposed
    to unless you have that perfect flat lawn they catch and bind, and are a joy to
    watch people put them together almost an entertainment in itself.

    Hard to chase Squirrels with especially the faster red ones!

  2. I like the idea! The smell of gas exhaust and the noise certainly distract from the zen experience of cutting grass..:)lol @ the construction episode. When we buy something that needs putting together there is a lot of fighting over who gets to do it, we both like it so much! A will usually try to steal the box and the screwdriver while I'm in the bathroom/making dinner!!

  3. LOL! Yes putting things together can either be a lot of fun or very frustrating. Perhaps you should take the screwdriver with you when you go to the bathroom!! πŸ™‚

  4. It actually looks like something from the 50's! I think probably the only advancement they have made is to the blades. If it stops raining we might get to try it out properly this w/end.

  5. It looks like an antique! Probably our neighbours just use clippers or whipper snippers on their lawn……. We haven't actually seen anyone doing their little patch of grass so maybe someone comes during the week and mows for them all.

  6. Yes – we do try to be ecologically aware. We recycle and we do not own a car. We are investigating the cost of putting solar panels on our roof for hot water.

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