A bit of a climb

I feel as though I am on an uphill climb. I think I might have to start allowing 2 days "rest" before returning to work after my jaunts home – I am not a teenager anymore.   Last night I barely slept and so today I was asleep in the wellness room at lunch time!  Now I am wide awake when I should be going to bed. 

I took this photo in Hunter's Hill Sydney: 

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  1. LOL! Remember when you could go out all night and still go to work the next day and then front up for another night out! The spirit is still there but the body and brain are way past coping!

  2. It took us a week to recover from our trip to Europe a few years ago. Hopefully we're planning things a bit better this time. Flights leaving at 10.30 pm are not a good idea.

  3. Welcome back to the US!
    Whether you feel the need or not, Snowy makes a great point. It does take about a week for your body to sort itself out after an upside down time change.

  4. It seems that flights over 10 hours leaving at any time are tough! I am selfish with my vacation time and don't feel that I want to waste one of my days on travel – that's why I fly back on Saturdays to land on Saturdays and insist (foolishly) on going to work on Monday. Maybe next year I will have to sacrifice a day.

  5. LOL! It works psychologically to make you better! It is what we would call a sick room. Ours is painted in a calming mint green and has a couch and a recliner chair and soft lighting. My company is big on "wellness programs" too like paying towards gym fees, yoga, biometrics testing and other stuff. The philosophy is that it costs them less to keep you well than to cover you being ill.

  6. yes well a sick room conjures up memories of the school sick bay and the smell of sawdust and vomit. You definitely felt sicker after going there.

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