Phew – what a day!

Ideally my body needs 10 hrs sleep…   realistically this is not going to happen if one has to leave for work before 7am; return after 6pm and expects to have anything else in life other than work and commuting.

Having arrived back from Oz late on Saturday night there was some serious jetlag happening this morning when my alarm went off after less than 8 hours restless sleep last night.

I could not believe I had only been at work for one hour when I got an email from my mother saying that my father was in hospital. And, at that stage, he had been in hospital for a day!

I immediately sent an email to my sister, because my mother had gone to bed as soon as she hit "send", asking what she knew – though of course by then she was also in bed.  When sister woke this morning she also had an email from my mother and by then my father had been in hospital for another 8 hours!  

I think my family lives inside the CIA!

My father will have some tests tomorrow to see why he continues to get stomach "bugs" (vomits) which his frail body can not handle.

My mother is driving a couple of hour's north today to keep an appointment with an eye specialist.  She is a tough old  thing my mother – I hope I have a lot of her genes – my father has proven to have a very strong mind but some pathetic physical genes.

My sister has just sent me a phone number for my father's bedside – I must ring him and tell him that I am really way too tired to fly all the way back, so he just better get well!

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  1. Thanks for the hugs. I have 2 sisters and a brother. One sister knew early enough to visit him in hospital that first day. I doubt my brother knows yet! It seems to have always been like this in my family.

  2. Thank you. When I spoke to him last night he sounded weak but determined to get out of hospital as soon as possible because he wants to buy a stereo system!. He has some tests today so hopefully they will determine what is wrong and that it is fixable.

  3. Thank you. I was feeling a bit guilty about those meanish things I wrote about him previously! He had a massive stroke 22 years ago and has been paralysed on one side since and has been quite difficult to live with. When I am away from him I think lots of loving daughterly thoughts but when I go to visit ……..well it brings out another side of me!

  4. I seriously wonder about my family at times. They have always been like this. It can be months before you almost accidentally find out about things! I wonder what causes this – fundamentally we all get on well together so it is not because we are not talking. Strange!

  5. If they are anything like mine, they avoid talking about the bad stuff because they don't want you to worry. I tell them I will worry more if I think they're hiding things! It doesn't always work.

  6. I too hope that by now you've gotten some rest and that your father has improved.
    Dear me, how your family except for number of sibs (I have but one brother), sounds as if they communicate in the same strange way mine does!
    You have my sympathies, dear Emjay, and my best wishes.

  7. Thank you. Well…. my father is having gall bladder surgery tomorrow so fingers crossed! He seems positive that he will get to use his new stereo so I am taking that as a good sign.

  8. Hi Cyn, yes I am slowly catching up on the sleep but probably still a day behind! Yes, I have thought before as I have read your blog that our families are similar – down to the strokes (though of the opposite parent). Dad has gall bladder surgery tomorrow so I am a little concerned but he is very positive that he will be going home. Thank you for your thoughts.

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