Back in the U S of A

The last few days in Australia were very very busy – and the kidlets had reached their Mb download limit so there was no internet!!   

It gets incredibly difficult to say goodbye ..  I am not sure anymore if it is harder to say goodbye to my parents, because I might not see them again, or to my children…..

I am so proud of my children and what they have achieved.  In 2000, after 5 years with me as the sole parent, they started living with my ex-husband while I moved to the United States to remarry.

After a couple of years they were basically without parental supervision.  Last year they moved into a rental home together and have continued to impress people with their maturity and responsibility. They are three fabulous young adults who deserve much credit themselves for the positive direction they are taking through life:

The Locksmith – the eldest – with his girlfriend.  He is responsible for keeping order in the  house.

The Economist – responsible for keeping the finances of the house (of course):

The House-sister, aka The Princess – responsible for the housework (though this is the pose I saw most in my visit!):

Got back to DC around midnight last night, into bed after 1am and have to go to work tomorrow – makes for a cranky "girl" today!!

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  1. They are now young adults and they are facing the life with a lot of enthousiasm and lucidity. They generate a lot of positive energy, don't hesitate, you can be proud of you and of them.

  2. Thank you Snowy. I like to think that I gave them a good grounding in right & wrong and morals etc before I left and that I continued to guide them from afar.

  3. Thank you! Sometimes I need reminding that I might have had something to do with how well they turned out. Even though I am on the other side of the world it has never stopped them from "dobbing" each other in and asking me to do something about it! (This despite the fact that they were living with their father).

  4. Thank you. It is amazing that they live so well together. I don't think myself and my siblings could have lived together at this age without an umpire! They are very "cohesive" and protective of each other.

  5. Thank you – I am! They seem to be remarkably well adjusted – no drugs, arrests, teenage pregnancies (though the Princess still has a couple of years to go…..). I think that children are much more resilient than we sometimes give them credit for and if they have all the right "grounding" they do manage to cope with some very difficult situations. I have tried to always "be" there for them even though I am so far away.

  6. Thank you. Yes – they have done really well mostly by themselves. Hope no problems manifest themselves in later life where they blame their mother for everything!

  7. I am glad your children are doing so well. It seems like young people now often don't "advance" into the full experience of adulthood (employment, self-sufficiency, marriage, children) as quickly as was the case a few decades back. It is good that you have so much you are proud of. Good for them, and for you!

  8. Its funny
    how a good base laid down by a parent, can create some nice level headed kids
    and with them all living there they probably work great off each others strengths
    and help with each others weaknesses, good looking set of kids!

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