Kidlet-run accommodation

I have checked in to the kidlet-run accommodation and I can assure you this is no 4 star place.

It seems that cooking and cleaning come with the shared room and half inch foam mattress on the floor!

My three children (the kidlets – ages 23, 21 & 18) live together in a rented house in the suburbs of Sydney. The 18 yo Princess calls herself the "House-sister" but she is quite obviously on strike this week.

I have fed them and they have all gone out – well, it is Saturday night and they obviously did not feel too compelled to spend time with the cook (who to be fair, was, herself, indulging in a long lunch with a friend at Manly Beach today!).

The boys' dogs are racing madly around the backyard barking at a possum in the tree and I have just had to rescue the Princess's cat from a nasty fat tabby. The screaming of the fighting cats combined with the two dogs barking – one a baritone, the other a yappy high pitch – was enough to send me for another glass of wine! 

I cooked a really delicious meatloaf for their dinner – they were very impressed with Snowy's Recipe  and have asked me to leave it here as they might make it themselves. I had a good laugh when the Economist said "I didn't realise our oven could cook things as good as this"!!!

The astro-dweeb will be on the mountain observing until we leave and I will spend the week socialising with friends. A house full of young people, and their friends, is very noisy with all sorts of coming & goings in the middle of the night, combined with music not quite to my taste -  I wish I had a similar sign to what the astro-dweeb has: 

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  1. LOL! I seem to have stepped back into the time of university dorm sleepovers! I don't remember my muscles being so stiff after a night on the floor though – perhaps I need more alcohol at bedtime! 🙂

  2. LOL – the wine – a great idea! Yes – it is as it should be even though it does feel weird being a parent in this house! (they have not really had a live-in parent for a very long time – so some behaviour is a bit "feral").

  3. Lol…that might help, as long is doesn't get you Too relaxed. There used to be this thing called 'Saturday Night Palsy', where people would get drunk, fall asleep in chairs, and present to the ER with paralysis because they pinched a nerve while sleeping!Rambling again. *Goes to make tea.*

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