Driving in Oz…

The astro-dweeb grew up in Los Angeles so he navigates those frightening LA Freeways with flair.

I grew up back of beyond in Australia so I am good at driving long distances, high speeds and avoiding wildlife.

When we are here together I do most of the driving – afterall I am the one who has left hand driving ingrained into my subconscious!

However, occasionally I do relinquish the wheel. But, when the astro-dweeb turned out of the car park using the wipers and veered towards the right side it was not long before I was digging my fingers into the seat and clenching my tongue between my teeth.

Eventually, in my most conversational tone, I asked "do you get scared when I am driving?"

He replied "sometimes" 

Sometimes???  Well, that was unexpected!!!!!

After a few moments of silence, I sat up straighter and replied:   "well, I am scared ALL the time you are driving ….."


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6 responses

  1. LOL..I'm all for honesty in a marriage. When A drives, I offer "helpful" advice, he follows my advice but looks hurt, I apologise, he apologises, we both proclaim our love for each other and hold hands until the next time it happens. And vice versa.

  2. When my hubby drives my heart gets exercised! He nearlly drives off the road or into other lanes all the time…then he stops too short as he always wants to go and thinks everyone else will be going too….mostly I try to do something else when he is driving like play cards on my pda, read a book or try to sleep. lol

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