Emus on the horizon

As I was driving back from my friend's place I stopped to take a photo of some marshes which looked out of place in this normally very dry countryside

As I was getting back in the car I noticed some emus running along the horizon on the other side of the road.  As I took a couple of photos I thought to myself  "now would be the time to have a big camera with a fancy lens because no-one is going to believe these are emus!" 

Well….   I cropped as much as I could without losing definition. At least you can see they really are emus. I was just so excited to see them running along that I couldn't resist taking a photo even though I knew it would not be good. 

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7 responses

  1. You can barely make out that they are emus though. 😦 …. But, I was so excited to see them running along in their natural habitat that I had to take the photo even though I realised it was not going to be good. I am having a wonderful holiday!! It is going to be over before I know it though – usually the last week I start feeling depressed about leaving!

  2. Yes you can gf, I can definitely see they are ostrich type birds! But I know how you are feeling, when you want what your minds eye sees to show up on the capture. 2 more weeks till you head home? say hi to momma for me :)) from her survivor sister in america!

  3. Oh, WOW!! I have never seen such incredible wild life..the sloth, the giant lizards (I scrolled back and checked their name, Goannas) and now Emus! This photo is good enough for me..I'm glad you weren't any closer..they look big and fast!

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