I am out in the country – in Coonabarabran – The Astronomy Capital of Australia (according to their welcome sign). 

Today I am going to drive over 2 hours further west to have lunch with two "girls" I went through school with  – and I mean all the way from kindergarten with one of them!

Here are a couple of amusing signs I found before we left Sydney:  This is a shop of GPS devices – I took this through my windscreen as I was driving so it is not as clear as it could be but I think the message is clear….

Have your pizza AND lose weight………  one stop!

Women can do anything!!   (This is an advertisement for Driza-Bone – Aussie work/farm clothes).

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  1. Excellent to see the emus running wild. Still, I'd love to live in a town with a cool sign like "Astronomy Capital" along the road! Looks like you continue to have a most excellent time! — JG

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