Schooling ….

I was baptised and confirmed in to the Church of England (Anglican) religion and would describe myself as an agnostic now  – but I sent my 3 children to Catholic Secondary Schools (Years 7-12).

There are about 9,600 schools in Australia (not many – but then our population is only just about 21 million).  Of those schools 72% are Government (State) schools, 18% are Catholic and 11% are ONG (other non-Government schools which includes private schools, Montessori etc, and religious, other than Catholic).

There are 2,271,000 Government school students and 1,122,000 non-Government school students;  170,000 non-Catholic children attend Catholic schools. 

When my eldest son was ready to attend Year 7 there were two reasons we considered the Catholic school system
1. Our local state high school did not have a good reputation and 2. we thought he could do without the distraction of girls!!   Once he was in the system it was easy to have the siblings follow.

So, the Locksmith and the Economist attended Holy Cross College (which they affectionately referred to as Holy Shit College),  an all boys school with lovely old traditional buildings on massive grounds:

In horror movies "evil" crows are always seen around churches, steeples etc..  Here we have them at the school!

The Princess attended Marist Sisters' College Woolwich – an all girls school.   The Catholic Church owns considerable valuable land in prime locations and the college is an example of this ….   it sits overlooking the Lane Cove River at Hunters Hill just before the river enters Sydney Harbour.   The front of the school: 

The back of the school with its view over the river:

Honestly I would have found it hard to concentrate when the windows overlook such a tranquil sight…

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  1. I do agree with you. The better thing is to considerate the better education possibilities. Giving to a boy or a girl some strict rules to follow in the life is also beneficial for them for the future. Catholic education is appropriate to built an education based on essential values like respect which will be useful during a complete life.

  2. What an interesting post. I went to a catholic school as well, but it was a 'co-ed' school. It was always in competition with the other all-boys and all-girls catholic schools..making for some very interesting inter-school romances. We did not have any tranquil river views, though, I still remember the smell of somebody's cooking wafting through the window everyday..

  3. It's always good to have some strict rules and principles that kids can follow and remember in their future. But I hope your kids can have some fun in their spare time too. My parents were really strict with me as I was growing up. I'm still trying to recover from all the pressure and stress and unnecessary traumas. It's hard to strike a balance. Parenthood is really difficult and challenging. I'm still amazed how brave most parents are in dealing with issues.

  4. Hey looks like a cool place, even if it has an evil crow or two circling about– I have to say though it isn't the crows anyone should be too worried about.
    Though Dave and I aren't agnostic, we don't attend any church at this time because, well, it has been damaging to us in the past. However, I can see why you would want to send your boys to such a place. Catholic facilities like this one are so much more interesting. And I like the liturgical thing because it seems so much more spiritual that the performance in evangelical settings.
    Anyway, I'm rambling here. Forgive me.

  5. Actually these schools have "sister" and "brother" schools so that they can have dances and have someone of the opposite sex to dance with!! 🙂 I gather that most romances were formed at the bus stop!

  6. These schools had really good "pastoral" care programs and buddy systems which prevented a lot of the bullying which can occur in schools. I liked the rules and discipline of the Catholic system (somewhat lacking in the state school (Government) schools). They had a good out of school life with sport and friends so I think they are pretty well adjusted kids. I think the Catholic schools instill a sense of values too.

  7. LOL! Yes there are a lot of evil kids out there!! I think that the Catholic system instills some good values and discipline which can be missing in today's society. I think children need some rules and boundaries to give them a good grounding in what is right & wrong. Hopefully mine got a good balance – they seem to be well adjusted young adults now.

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