I took a different route back to the "compound" and found a little treasure almost overwhelmed by a post office on one side and a take-away on the other.

Riviera's is full of delectable looking homemade treats made on the premises (you can see into the sparkling kitchen from the counter).   They have only been open for 7 months and everything is made from natural ingredients – no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives – and they have some gluten-free goodies as well.

After ordering a cappuccino and selecting a lemon pie and a little pastry filled with baked ricotta & nutmeg I asked the very friendly lady behind the counter if I could take a photo and she called out to ask the Managing Director, Pat Riviera, if it would be okay  -  then I felt a bit silly and quickly rushed off a couple of photos.

On the counter side not in the photo they have beautifully presented gift bags & boxes, tied with ribbons, of Florentine's, Melting Moments, Amaretti and Almond Meringues.

I put an American quarter and an Australian 10 cent piece in the photo to show the size of the goodies I bought.  They are not super-sized – they were just really delicious morsels!  And, the cappuccino was very good too!

So ….  if you find yourself near Five Ways in Eastwood look for Riviera's in Corunna Road.

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  1. They are not super-sized – they were just really delicious morsels! And that's all one really needs! My sister thinks I'm nuts because I can walk into a chocolate shop, buy one piece of chocolate, and be happy with it. She wants to eat a whole box.

  2. I think it requires a lot of patience and time – both of which I am lacking in 🙂 . Everything in the shop was so nicely decorated and presented – things were calling out to be bought!!

  3. I'm sorry that I didn't get closer to the display case to photograph the goodies inside it properly. I felt a little intrusive – I'm not sure the guy was too happy with allowing me to take the photo.

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