Truth in advertising…

Could not resist taking a photo of this For Sale sign.   The house is about half a block from the Myall River but does need a bit of work……   

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  1. There seemed to be a lot of houses for sale in this particular area. It was probably an old holiday home as this area was predominately a holiday retreat area – now that the retirement village is there the demographics are changing. As a holiday location maybe people are finding they can not service two mortgages with the raising interest rates so the holiday home has to go! A lot of country towns here in Australia have timber houses.

  2. I think this must be tapping into the adage: Buy the worst house on the best street in the neighbourhood in which you most want to live. The notion is that you'll get a bargain, in a great neighbourhood, and will be able to fix it up to be the best house on the best street in your preferred neighbourhood. Clever strategy.

  3. I think it might be worst of everything given what we saw in the area! It is only half a block from water so it is fabulous location. It is mostly boarded up so I doubt that anyone lives there….

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