Guess what this is?

It's a Fauna Crossing!   North of Newcastle on the Pacific Highway near Karuah they have erected a few of these which stretch across the highway from tree top to tree top.  They are for small animals to cross the road!  Obviously only animals which climb trees though!    During all my trips north I have never seen an animal in one of these so I don't know how popular they are …..

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I would never have guessed..Is this one of those things that happen 'only in Australia'? If you do find a ..uh, baby monkey?..on one of these, it would be a wonderful photo-op, wouldn't it?

  2. It's a Fauna Crossing! I was guessing that might be what it was. Judging from how much the squirrels around here love to use power lines to cross busy streets I'm going to guess that those are pretty popular in high traffic areas.

  3. It is a brilliant idea indeed! In our area the squirrels use cable TV cables to cross streets. Better than getting smashed by passing vehicles I suppose…..

  4. We couldn't have anything like that in the states. Some knuckle head would try to walk across one, fall and the family would sure……Then again that might be fun to watch. heh

  5. Luckily there is a small sign saying "Fauna Crossing" or I think a lot of people would be non-plussed about these tubes. I think mostly possums would be using them and they are nocturnal so not many photo ops of an animal actually in them.

  6. These are actually the only ones I have ever seen here. This area seems to be more attune than average to looking after the wildlife between these crossings, huge fences to stop kangaroos jumping into traffic, the koala signs and an amazing bridge to protect marshlands.

  7. Luckily we don't have squirrels – which I used to think were cute until I went to live in America! 🙂 We have possums and flying glyders (a type of possum) and other little tree dwelling creatures – some of these would be way too timid to venture into built up urban areas.

  8. Well apparently …. 95 percent of our mammals, 70
    percent of our birds, 88 percent of our reptiles and 94 percent of our
    frogs are found nowhere else in the world – so we really should do everything we can to protect them.If I was the same personality of possum as I am a person I would never cross the road! 🙂

  9. One guy is quoted as saying: This was one of the strangest and most challenging projects I have ever undertaken.I see that they put leaves & twigs in that tunnel – which might have enticed the dormice. The ones here have nothing that I would think would encourage anything to go into it. Oh well…. I suppose someone will publish a study sometime… and we will know.

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