Well,  I have survived the initial visit to the parental units – or more importantly, they survived my visit!

It is very obvious that when they handed out the gene for patience I was in another line!

My sister says that her "drinking problem" only started after staying 2 weeks with my parents!  LOL. But she actually stayed in the house with them which proves to me that she actually does have a patience gene – even if it does require alcohol to activate it!!

I will revisit them a few more times during my time here but these will be day trips from Sydney.

Each morning we went to the Boatshed for breakfast and you could not find a more peaceful place to eat a hearty breakfast.  Pelicans floating past, the ferry chugging along and more active people in canoes….  this morning a couple arrived on a jetski and bought take away coffees!!

The menu would be delivered along with the drinks list – and although I was tempted to order a shot of something (it's never too early in Australia) I made do with a beautifully presented cappuccino.

You might not be able to see on the menu but there is "decaf, strong"  which we found amusing!

There is another cafe in town which we had wanted to try but they are only open for breakfast on the weekends.  It is across the road from the river but has a lovely garden setting: 

To get from Tea Gardens to Hawks Nest and the Pacific Ocean you must cross the Singing Bridge over the Myall River and every time we crossed over it the astro-dweeb accompanied the road noise with singing la-la-la-la- laaaa.  Just over the bridge is a koala reserve and I have actually seen a koala in a tree here. 

I have previously posted a photo of the main Hawk's Nest beach – that was the one with me standing at water's edge.  The next beach along is Jimmy's Beach – it looks deserted here but behind me was a whole bus load of school kids!

The next beach has a fabulous name – Winda Whoppa.  This beach actually was deserted but there were about 15 canoes out in the distance.  

On the other side of the Peninsula from Winda Whoppa is the Myall River and here they have oyster racks – but you don't have to wade out into the river to find some good eating as there are oysters on the rocks at water's edge!!

Why does it seem that the really good photo ops happen as you are driving?  As we were driving on the peninsula we saw a Goanna crossing the road.  Of course I wanted a photo of it but this is a really narrow stretch of road and there was a big 4 wheel drive right on my bumper & no where to stop.  Luckily I had the astro-dweeb in the car as he jumped out and got these two great shots – one as the goanna is about to climb a tree and the other one from underneath the tree – he is quite effectively camouflaged with the bark of the tree..

Then it was back to the retirement village.   Do you know how hard it is to drive at 10 kph??  That is 6 mph – my rental car idles at a higher speed than this.  Look at all the obstacles you could hit though!

Of course driving at this speed is economical fuel wise – though you are likely to run through some brake pads!  There is only one service station in town…. and fuel was $1.55 per litre!!

Tea Gardens & Hawks Nest are quiet little towns but they have premium locations.  I think it is probably the ideal place for retirement – there are plenty of water activities and not much happens after 8pm!

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  1. Your photos are brilliant and lovely! I especially like the pelican and the road marker with the various hazards. Could you send me one of those cappuccinos? Looks scrummy! They say patience is a virtue. I suppose some people are just more virtuous than others than, eh?

  2. Thank you. We think it was the same pelican at the cafe each day – though they do all look the same :-). The cappuccinos were the best I have had so far this trip – had a really awful one today at a shopping mall!

  3. The goanna is great isn't it – I was actually a little relieved that it was the astro-dweeb out taking the shots as he got closer than I would have been brave enough to.

  4. Those photos were taken on the east coast about 3 hours drive north of Sydney – where my parents live. Now I am back in Sydney for another week before I head out west.

  5. Thank you. I really enjoy showing people what Australia is like – they don't often see images outside the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Uluru (Ayers Rock).

  6. It has been around 86-88 for the past couple of days and it is forecast to be a bit warmer the next couple. It feels very warm to us coming from the US winter!!

  7. Yes – we are here for a month which is wonderful! I am enjoying sharing the sights of Australia. If you come this far you have to stay longer than a couple of weeks – as I get older it takes me more days to recover from the trip just to start with!

  8. Lovely pictures.. another day in paradise then?
    My folks are like that – better from a distance! They are taking Rosie and I away in April; after a week, I will be running out of patience and ready to kill my mother!

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